cookies/temp internet files


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cookies/temp internet files

On Windows 98...

Two problems which I assume are connected. First, cookies aren't working. Both permanent(?) and per-session cookies are enabled in the Security tab. I've tried setting both to prompt, but that didn't work either.
Second, Temporary Internet Files aren't working. When I go to Tools, Internet Options, Temporary Internet Files Settings it pulls up a box in which I can supposedly allot an amount of disk space to use for Temp files, but it won't let me adjust the slide rule or enter a number amount. No matter what I change it to, it says I must choose a value between 0 and 1 MB (including when I enter 0 or 1). Don't know if this is the problem or just a symptom.

Thanks for the help.
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You don't mention which version of Internet Explorer you are using, but nonetheless, it sounds broken. Probably your best bet would be to do an update which you can accomplish by choosing "Windows Update" from the "Tools" menu in your browser and while you are there, you should look to see if there are any updates to your Operating System.

Or, if you were to go to "Add/Remove Programs" in your "Control Panel", highlight "Internet Explorer" and click "Remove"; This should bring-up a prompt which gives you a few choices, among them should be "Repair"; It's sort of iffy this would do the trick, but it may be worth a try and it certainly shouldn't hurt. Though, I've never used the repair utility and if your browser is less than the most current, when you update it should repair itself, anyway.

And of course, all this is assuming that you have available drivespace to store cookies & tempfiles...

Good Luck;

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privacy settings will affect the cookies too. you might want to check there too. I had a simular problem and that is what it was.

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