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Angry Popups

Okay, just bought a new computer and I keep getting popups saying that I'm spewing my address all over the internet. These are random and don't have anything to do with web pages I view. Any ideas on how to stop these? I've tried changing my security settings but to no avail. Please help!
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As far as I know using the Internet has to involve broadcasting your IP address It must be known to the sites you visit or it would be a bit like asking a site for information but not giving them a return address.

If it's the IP address the pop-ups mean and it appears to be commercial then I think it's just a scare tactic to get you to buy some bit of software or other. Does it invite you to click on it?

I'd say that so long as you have a firewall set up and some antivirus software running then you are reasonably safe on the Internet.

I came across this page on the subject a while ago. Opinions? http://www.hamuniverse.com/ipscam.html

EDIT: If the pop-ups are random I wonder if you might have picked up some spyware from somewhere, maybe a case of 'browser hijacking' (type the term into a search engine for a better explanation than I could give). If so, you may need to install and run Adaware, or something like it, to deal with the problem.
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It sounds like you may have installed an Adware/Spyware program somehow (there are several ways this could have been done) - if you look in the FAQ at the top of Computers, there are some good programs for removing these virii. If that doesn't work, it may be that the pop-ups you are getting are from the Windows Messenger IP broadcast bug (this is totally different than MSN Messenger.) The easiest thing to do is to completely turn off Windows Messenger by disabling it in the Services Console (this only applies if you have certain versions of Windows - XP, 2k, and, I think, 98.)

Good luck!
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I've never seen or heard of a Microsoft message that would tell you such a thing; Most likely, you are seeing popup advertisng because one of the net's most prolific advertisers toss messages that are modeled-on an error message at websurfers in an attempt to sell something; Though, I can't be sure what they are sellling because I just close the window and keep going...

But, I'm 99.99% sure you are seeing one of the ads and probably the easiest way to tell at a glance would be to look at the titlebar, or the blue bar which runs along the top of the browser window. If it says something like, "Security Warning - Microsoft Internet Explorer" with the key part being the hyphen and that which follows it, you are seeing an advertisement.

I guess another way to tell would be to hit your F5 key while the little window is in front and the titlebar is blue; If the window refreshes, it is an ad because a legitimate error message would not reload. But for the most part, Microsoft doesn't care if you spew or not and I have never heard tell of, nor have I seen a real error message that would communicate any such thing; But, I do see the ad which you are probably getting, a dozen times a day or so and I just hit the little X in the upper righthand corner and just keep going.

But, if for some reason popup ads bother you; Use the searchbox on the forum listing page and you'll find several threads in which folks have reviewed the software options that'd stop them from appearing while you surf.

Good Luck;
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Try This

Go to "Control Panel,"
"Performance and Maintenance"
"Admin Tools"

In "Services" disable the "Messenger Service."

Has nothing to do with your online messages, only the automatic alerts. Give it a try. You can always reinstate it later.

Above is for Windows XP, other operating systems may differ a little to get to the "Services" Under "Admin Tools"
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