Pc Freeze up's


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Pc Freeze up's

For some reason when i first turn on my pc for the day, after 4-5 mins it will freeze, i reboot, sometimes it freezes another 2-3 times, and sometimes even no repsonse from the monitor for like 2 mins, bust after that it works perfect, it seems like when it's warming up it it crashes, any idea wats wrong?
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If it is Windows, try this site for such problems and solutions.


If it is some other operating system, let us know.

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It's on first boot of the day, freezes 2-3 times then it's fine, it's like it need to warmup and cant :/
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How old is the computer? How old is the hard drive? What operating system are you using?
So, you turn it on, and it loads up fine, but within the first 4-5 minutes, it locks up/freezes, so you reboot and may have to go through this 3 or 4 times, before it's ok? Are you running antivirus thats up to date? Are you on a network? Can you start in safe mode without a problem?
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Go into safe mode

Shut your computer off...then reboot holding down the f-5 key
keep tapping the f-5 key till you see the safe mode window.
after you see safe mode exit safe mode,shut the computer down
threw your start up menu..then Immediately click restart.
All this will take you back to your default setting when everything was working good..after all of this you may have to go into control panel and adjust everything...If you have no experience just use the default settings and let it go at that?
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Just going in to Safe Mode doesn't reset anything in Normal Mode Windows. You can adjust the settings once in Safe Mode - but it doesn't do anything just going in to Safe Mode.

All Safe Mode does is start your computer without any Windows drivers or startup programs - if you want to test this, press F8 to get the Startup Menu, then run Windows with Step-by-step confirmation - allow everything up to Start Windows (and allow it too), then answer no to loading Windows drivers - this will actually put you in Safe Mode (BTW, this is not the easy way to go to Safe Mode, this is just an example of what happens when you start in Safe Mode.)

It sounds like to me that something needs warming up to start the computer, as tae mentioned - possibly NICs, modems, vid card, etc.

To test this - start the computer and immediately go into CMOS Setup (usually by pressing DEL - but your computer may vary.) Allow the computer to sit for 10-15 in Setup (this will allow everything to warm-up), then exit Setup, the computer will automatically restart. If the computer runs fine, then something needs warming up before running correctly. To find the offending hardware, remove everything but the Harddrive, CPU, Ram and Vid Card - then start up the computer (this process may take a while, since your computer needs to cool before the problem occurs), add each piece of hardware back one at a time until you find the problem.

Good luck!
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