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software icons

I was wondering about this, as the computer that is used at work has this problem. Whenever a document is created in Word, it is not saved with the Word icon. And when a spreadsheet is created in Excel, the ss is not saved with the Excel icon. The icon for just about everything on the computer is the generic windows icon. I thought that when you installed, say, Word on your computer that automatically each docuement that you create using Word, will be saved with the Word icon. Likewise for any ss you create in Excel will have the Excel icon.
Since this is not the case with the computer at work I was wondering if those programs were not installed correctly.
Also, today when I went to purge the cache, I found that there was no icon for the WWW in the control panel.
the comuter also runs real slow, taking just about forever to open a file or switch between windows.
The computer is a Gateway, so I thought that maybe Gateway just does things differently.
I had wanted to try and run a defrag on the computer, but since I do not know if it is networked, and since there just seems to be things missing and others programs which I have no idea what they are, I did not want to take the chance.
Is there anyway for me to safely change the icons that are supposed to show for a Word docuement, and an Excel ss. The files are associated with the correct programs, just the icons have the wrong picture. I tried right clicking to change the icon file by file, but the change icon option was not there.

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could be you are networked, and the work station you use is pulling the programs from a main computer.
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Question Which Operating System are you using on the Gateway?

Which version of Windows is being problematic?
If the computers are networked, are they all independant of each other, including a server any type? (like storing files on the hard drive where you sit, or on a server H.D.?)
Also, how old is this computer, have you had it since it was new, or not. If you tell us what model it is (like E-4200, E3100, GP7, Select, 500X, etc.) we can put a date on it. The 10-digit serial number will be very revealing, it will provide the information about what parts were installed at the factory, though the system could have been upgraded since. (gateway's support website)
Which version of Office?
95 (7.0), 97 (8.0), 2000 (9.0), XP 2002 (10.00)

Personally, without assuming too much about the setup of the computer system, I would say that something in the OS is corrupt. There are ways to change the icon associated with a particular file type, as well as which program opens it.
If you click a file directly, does it automatically open the program associated with it, and the file? Or do you open the file(s) through the program (like File>Open in Word)

I just want to pinpoint how the beast opererates, before giving diections for how to correct problem, if you have the privledges to do so, rather than a IT person/System Administrator. (depending on the OS and it setup)
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<If you click a file directly, does it automatically open the program associated with it, and the file? Or do you open the file(s) through the program (like File>Open in Word) >

The files open directly. It has Word and Excel 2000. I have no idea how old this computer is.
I have no idea if the computer is networked or not.
In fact, sometimes it says Windows 98 and sometimes Window NT. I know that it does not go through the type of shut down that I get on my home pc. to shut down, you click start - then click shut down - then you are supposed to get this floating red and green box - at which point you can shut down the tower. But that does not always happen, sometimes you click start, shut down and everything freezes, at which point you can only turn off the tower and hope for the best the next day.
I realize that a computer at work will not always work like your home pc, but this one is just weird. It is like it is trying to be several things at once and gets confused alot.
Like I said, the file icons do not match the prgrams they are associated with. And I just thought that was something that was done automatically, right when you first installed something like Word or Excel.
The computer just annoyes me like mad the way it is. It seems that even spell check does not work right with Word.
I will not be back to work until next week, at that time I will try and get the model number and any other info that I can.
Maybe I can try and install my Office 2000 on the work computer, see if the icons at least look right then.

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Gateway is a company that puts together components to create a computer; Microsoft Office is a piece of software; Other than pre-installed software choices, there is nothing different about a gateway and there really is no difference between software that is installed on a work computer and the identical software that you would install at your house; Theoretically, there could be some underlying settings that may be different (such as your software at work may want a password to save changes), but the software is the exact same and there would only be a slight difference somewhere, way up underneath; So, I don't know where you got the idea that "a computer at work will not always work like your home pc", but that simply is not correct because a computer is a computer and software is the same.

Now, other than confusion as to what OS you are using and the fact that the machine freezes, plus the cache question; It appears that your personal concern is with the Office Suite and probably the best bet would be to reinstall the software overtop the old; But, you are legally supposed to use the disk which is licensed to that computer and you should probably check with your company's IT person, especially if you are networked or have any company-specific settings. And, because I also suspect that you may need to do some work on Windows, you probably should wait to reinstall your Office until the time is right, so that you won't end-up doing it twice.

We could probably talk you through this and get your computer in tip-top shape, but it's going to take some effort on your part and it would be best, if you wait until you return to work so that you could easily get the answer to some questions; Such as, you mention the cache; What browser/version are you using? (Choose "Help" and then, "About" on the browser's menubar); If it is Netscape, you would dump the cache from within the browser and if it is Internet Explorer, you could also dump the cache from within the program, but if you don't have an icon for "Internet Options" in the "Control Panel", then I suspect it may be an older version and a download may be in order)

To identify the operating system; Try right-clicking "My Computer" and choosing "Properties"; The OS should be identified on the "General" tab. And to determine whether or not you are using a local copy of Microsoft Word; You could right-click the program icon and see what drive the program is kept on and/or the other easy thing would be to use you "Find Files" utility and search, starting on the C:\ drive for winword.exe

Also, you mention that the computer is slow; Is the whole thing slow, or just specific programs? How much RAM is installed? You can find this info by noting how high the odometer-like reading gets, when you first boot-up...

My advice would be to not do anything until you get the answer to the above questions and any others that have been asked or which may be asked in the future; Very easily, it could take some work to get your machine in perfect order and it would be easier if we addressed your issues, one problem at a time and in some kind of logical order; In the meantime, see what your co-workers may know, figure-out what all is wrong with the machine so that you can submit a list and find your disks (including Windows) because we may need them and it would be easier, if you knew where they are located.

Keep Passing Open Windows;

PS) When you are getting an ID on your OS, browser and Office (once again, Help/About); Please note all of the version number, both sides of any decimal and any mention of "Service Packs", "SP" or "SR" that may be present and you should also be aware; We are not asking for the "Product ID" number because that is specific to your particular copy of the program and it probably should be considered private info.

Edit: Additional Points;

Don't forget GJ's question about where you save your files; Are all of your document icons messed-up, or only those associated with the Office products? IOW: If you create a file in notepad and save it to your desktop; Does it get a generic icon or does it get a notepad icon? How many cables come out of the back of the computer and to what do they attach? Do you run back-ups on your data?

And finally, my initial instinct is that this may end-up being an involved process, if you want to get things perfect and if your company does not have an IT person; You may want to contact your department manager and/or shop steward to see about possibly getting the thing sent-out for service...

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Reading through the posts/replies, I don't see mention that perhaps you are missing certain icons, options etc. b/c of restrictions on your pc.

I am a admin for my company and we lock down the pc's pretty good. Take away Icons that we don't want people running.

Another thing is that you could be running your programs from a server, like was mentioned before.

If you do have an IT dept or IT guy then check with him first.

If not, (probably why you came here) there are plenty of people here who will be glad to help! Like me

As the others said the more info we have, the better we can help.
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I found out the computer is on a network. But it all is not any of my concern now as it was a temporary job and it ended today.

Anyone hiring for an Administrative Assistant in Chicago, IL?
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