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Question Display screen

Hi all !
Windows 98, I.E. 6,
Changed my choice for display, didn't work, tried to change back, now desktop icons are bigger, and all screens, have to scroll to right to read, ??????
Cannot get it back to the way it was.
Is at ( and was) 16-bit high color, graphics acceleration on full.

Suggestions, anyone ??
I can't believe I'm having this "simple" of a problem!!!! LOL.
Thank you !
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When you right-click on the desktop and select Properties, then settings, does it show 16 bit color and whatever resolution or does is show something else?
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Right click on desktop. Click on <Properties> <Settings>.
Change settings. Try 800x600 screen area and 16-bit color or higher. Worst case scenario would be if your settings are really screwed up and unfixable by resetting. Have had that a couple of times and just had to remove the video card from Device Manager and reboot. When it finds the video card on boot-up and installs the drivers, everything should be back to normal. Only do this if you are unable to change the settings in the video properties.
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When I view my settings , it is showing 640 x 480 and high color 16 bit.
Which it has always been.
I played around with the resolution, only one that looks halfway decent is 800 x 600 like you suggested Tow Guy.
I changed it to that. Everything is now smaller. Too small. LOL.
But I can live with it. The other was giving me horrible flashbacks of Win 93.

I'm afraid to mess around with device drivers.
I found the 16 bit and 32 bit device drivers. I am assuming it's the 16 bit driver section I need, because it clearly shows in the list "Monitor" then some numbers, then ATI as manufacturer.
However, I notice ATI is listed several times under both 16 and 32 bit sections as manufacturers.
Do u think the one labeled Monitor is the one I should remove,
no chance of it being one if the others?

I'm guessing yes, because it makes sense, but then again, nothing else ever makes sense in computing world, why should this be any different ?

Thank you !!!!!
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He's not talking about removing the driver. He means that you should remove the device from the device manager. That is, select display adapter from the list, right click on it, and select remove. Click OK in the dialogue box, then restart your computer. Windows will detect the display adapter and install the driver for it.

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Thank you

Yes, I know that's what he meant. Thank you.

I ended up going to "View" on my internet explorer toolbar.
I switched text from small to medium.

My desktop icons are still smaller, but actually, I do like it better that way!

Changing the text size now lets me view all my web pages like normal again. ( I don't have to scroll to right to keep reading )

Thank you both so much for your help !!!!!!!!!!!!
Very appreciated !!!!!!!!! :

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