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douglas brown
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Angry computers

windows 98 pc. on start up shows 32 memory but have 128 two cards installed. can someone tell me the problem please.
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If the sticks of memory are not compatible with each other or not compatible with the motherboard, this can happen. If they simply need to be reseated, this can happen.

If you are comfortable with working on the inside of the computer. Be safe. Remove the stick of memory in slot 1 and restart the computer and see what it counts.

Next remove the stick from slot 0 and put the other one in and see how it counts.

One stick may be bad. This will show you. If one counts 128 and the other one fails to count, it is bad. Of course, you may have both of them count fine. When you put them both back in, all is well. In this case, reseating them took care of the problem.

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Try Chris's suggestions, and if that doesn't work - is it possible that you have the older SIMM chips that require 2 chips of the same size to be installed? Usually on a board like this there will be 4 total slots - 2 sets of 2 (usually the "sets" are a little closer to each other and there's a space between the 2 sets). Sorry, can't think of a better way to explain it. But, if you have 4 slots, more than likely you have SIMM slots that require a matched pair of chips to be installed. Typically these boards won't even recognize the memory if it's not exactly the same, but it's possible it's only recoginizing the smaller of the 2.

Just a thought.

Good luck!

If none of this helps, try to find some more information on the system board itself - maybe we can find something that will help.
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All of the above, plus...

I'm going to assume that you had a 32m chip and added two 128's; Most of the time, if not always; The computer wants you to put the largest or larger chips in the first slots and put the smaller chips, behind. Offhand, I don't know the reaction if you fail to do this because I always go from the larger to the smaller, but in case you didn't; Try re-ordering the chips, so they step-down in size and you should also be certain that you have them installed in Slot 1, Slot 2, etc. (They should be marked on the mobo in little-bitty, teeny-tiny letters)

Otherwise, Chris's suggestion of testing the individual chips by rotating them through the first slot is excellent; SafeWatch's suggestion of a possible parity/non-parity issue certainly applies and though my experience is that, if your mobo requires a slower clock speed or some other specification, you ordinarily just lose part of the memory and not the entire value of the chip; This certainly would be worth checking, also.

After following all of the above advice, if you are still having problems; You can either post back in this forum and someone will be happy to talk you through the issue or might have other ideas; Or, you could visit the vendor or manufacturer's website to get the specific specs on your memory chips and compare them to the manual for your computer's motherboard and towards that end, I offer the following link; <A HREF="">Yahoo! Directory: Motherboards</A>

Let us know how it comes-out;
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