Internet Explorer Problem


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Internet Explorer Problem

Been fighting with McAfee. I can get into their site. Cannot download updates. Cannot access account info. McAfee defaults to Internet Explorer when it "tries" to download updates.

I'm convinced that my IE does not work. Get error message: "Cannot find server or DNS Error Internet Explorer." What's a DNS error.

Repaired IE. Downloaded IE service packs. Nada.

Anyone know how to solve the problem? Or ....... how to get IE to work? Or how to delete IE before downloading new? (Only option on add/delete programs is "repair IE" rather than a total delete.)
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if IE downloads other up dates and files then I would guess that the problem is with mcafee. i don't understand what you mean by 'defaults to IE' Sometimes clearing coockies and temp int files restarting will help with the cannot display page error.
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wouldnt it be funny if mcafee had virus problems on their server
i just went to mcafee and downloaded(manually) their latest updates. i don'r run mcafee products. Are you trying to use the instant update feature? that could be the problem.
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I've HEARD of viruses that will make it so you can't go to antivirus sites. It could be a possibility. What happens if you do a tracert to these sites? Also, try, it is a good antivirus site.

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Internet Explorer Problem

Mudder: My IE is dead in the water. It does not work. Cannot get into the net via IE. Attempts to repair/reinstall have failed. By "defalut to IE" I mean that ... using Netscape .... I can get into the McAfee site. When I try to download updates, McAfee sends the updates via IE and that is where I get the "Cannot find server or DNS Error Internet Explorer. "

Downloaded a "plug" from McAfee for Netscape. Didn't work.

Will try clearing cookies and temp files.

tae: Nope. Do not use instant update.

mikej: will try tracert and sophos.

Thanks for your help!
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As to your Internet Explorer issue; You mention a "repair" in your first post and a "repair/reinstall" in your latter; Have you tried going directly to and downloading/installing?

But, perhaps before you do that...

You don't mention your operating system, your method of connection (dialup?) or whether, IE has ever worked for you; Netscape had to be distributed to you and possibly, whomever provided you with the Netscape also gave you a dialer; And, if that is the case, you could be getting the DNS error because IE is unable to see or get the settings from within the other product.

There are a lot of qualifiers in the above paragraph, including your method of connection; I suspect you are dialing, but I cannot be certain and with just this little bit of added info, perhaps we could help you get your IE working and the remainder of your query would be moot....

So, as a follow-up; How do you get to the internet and how do you initiate a connection?

Good Luck;
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