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Question Bottleneck?

I have a P4 1.8/512k/400FSB overclocked to 2.0, GeForce 4 Ti 4600 & 1.5G PC800.

I can get a 2.6Ghz chip for ~150, I do some pretty serious gaming and was wondering if this would be worth the upgrade or save my $$$ and invest in the newer technology out there? I will keep the overclock which will make the 2.6 = 2.86.

Would I see an increase in framerate(I usually run 1280x1064x32) or is my GPU the bottleneck?

Thanks for any info!
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Unfortunately, this is not as simple as upgrade the CPU or not. First of all, you have to consider some other bottlenecks - and whether or not the board will properly support the new CPU.

Another thing you'll want to do is make sure all of your hardware (especially the Vid Card) will support the new bus speeds - otherwise, you've done nothing.

Also, check the RAM - you may be able to upgrade your RAM (on-board or Vid) and get better performance.

I would start by running Sandra to see what kind of upgrades it recommends. Also, you may want to try the pro version of Mad Onion's 3DMark to see what kind of scores you get and how they compare with other's results online. Then you can see what other's are getting really good results with and where you should go with your hardware next.

Good luck!
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My opinion: you might get a few more frames per second on your games with the new CPU, which is fun to talk about until you actually get into the game, and then you wont even realize it. Its not worth the upgrade in my opinion, you have a pretty fast machine.
The only thing that will GREATLY impact your gaming is your video card. and I personally never upgrade it until I feel a game isnt really playable or I'm at a disadvantage.

by the way, if you DO get that new CPU make sure it has Hyperthreading technology with the 800 FSB.
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Well with my current board/RAM I am limited to the 400MHz FSB, the 2.6 is the fastest (that I know of) for the 400, it does have HT technology.

Don't you think 1.5 gigs is enough RAM for just about anything? I play 1942 and more recently Halo(Unreal 2 is better IMO, besides the multiplay support). 1942 being the more demanding of the games, they say 768 megs of RAM is where the performance gain levels off.

What I may end up doing is going ahead with the 2.6 upgrade, and when games start to slow down upgrade the video card with one that will support the newer technologies, then upgrade the CPU/RAM/Board when the time comes.

On a side note....does EVERYONES CPU run 100% during gaming? One would think that if your GPU was the holdup, then the CPU wouldn't run 100% all the time, I know that sound/NIC and other peripherals take CPU time, but logic would point to needing a faster CPU if the current is running 100%.

Thanks again.
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CPU running at 100% is not a bad thing. Games rely heavily on the cutting edge video cards that are just about computers in their own right. Many video activites address RAM now without dealing with the CPU. If you don't notice any performance problems during your games, don't sweat it. I have run setiathome ( a number crunching program) as a service under Windows, had a couple of browser windows open, and play QIII arena at the same time with no noticeable delays not attributable to server lag.

Except for extreme applications, many new computers are almost more powerful than we can use.

Hope this helps.
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