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Does anyone know how to end Pop-ups & Spams?
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I've tried severalpopup blockers but probably not all of them, I'm very happy with google toolbar (basic instalation - advanced sends info to google) so far I havnt gotten one that I havn't allowed (by clicking 'allow popups from this url)
As far as spam goes giving your email addy on any form,signup, and especially news groups and forums is inviting spam get another hotmail addy to use in these circumstances. Blocking senders and message rules help alot.
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Try SlimBrowser from <a href="http://www.flashpeak.com">FlashPeak.com</a> - It's very similar to Internet Explorer (uses the same engine), but has built-in pop-up blockers and tabbed windows, plus many other features. I've been using it for about 6 months or so, and I very rarely see a pop-up (usually just the Reader's Digest pop-up here at DIY.com) Oh yeah, it's completely free too (with no ads, no spyware, no nothing - how do these ppl make money???)

As for spam, there are a lot of options out there - the best one is don't give out your e-mail address to anyone you don't trust. And, as mudder mentioned, don't leave it on boards like this - the harvesters will get it.

Good luck!

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