Phone Line


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Phone Line

have some static on phone line will this cause excessive disconects?
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Been a while since I used dial-up, but if memory serves me...
Bad phonelines are very detramental to connectivity.
If there is excessive static the sigmnal can be lost/dropped AND error correction will slow data transfer rate to a crawl... even for a phoneline.
May want to attach a phone to test panel of outside phone connection and listen for static, just fast test to determine if faulty lines are phone company's (their responsibility) or in your house wires (your expense, unless you been paying for maint.).
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Yes, poor phone quality will definitely cause disconnects, call the phone company and report the static, they will at least test it for free and tell you where the problem is.
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YES it will cause disconnects ! Don't let anyone tell you different!

If you can hear the static you might have a unbalanced line or a light ground. Water will cause static also.Did you spill anything on the jack maybe?

I had people tell me they did'nt spill anything., even when the jack is clearly soaked from a drink on the end table where alot of jacks are.

I don't know where you live but here in NYC (verizon) if you don't have a plan you are responsible for inside wire from the dmarc. Dmarc is POE for point of entry.

If the problem is before dmarc we have to fix it at no charge. In NYC all our u/g's (cables) are underground and most of the time that's where the trouble is. Due to the old cables and rain/snow salt it just gets in cable and causes all kinds of troubles with copper.

You can also have stress on the line and not hear it and it will disconnect your DSL. DSL is very sensitive to stress, 30 is the cut off.

If the trouble is outside insist they do a stress test even tho it sounds clear. Voice will work fine but stress will knock out your DSL line from time to time and at times knock it out all together if the stress is too high but your phone will work.


PS: Trace your wire and see if you see any damage wires if you were maybe moving furniture or a dog (if you have one) chewing on wires.

We get alot of crush /chewing wire calls but they never admit it.

If they are honest and don't have a plan and it's something easy the tech just might clear it for you. But most people don't admit to it when you can clearly see the furniture moving marks in the rug or when you are checking the jack and the dog seems to be fascinated with the jack wire where you are working

If you have DSL or are thinking about it have them do a stress test. Insist on it!

I can't tell you how many times i go on a trouble for DSL not working or getting knock off and the line is full of stress because the installation guy did'nt do A Stress test. So us repair techs have to clean up thier mess even tho the voice is clear as a bell.

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phone line

tks. for the reply. i live in nc, and they do chg after poe.i did away with that $$$inside ageement many yrs ago. i have used a heavy ex conector and run a direct line to the computer from the ouside box and it hooked up only. it still knocks me off.

my son does not have the problem with his dell lap top even hooked in the the moem on this computer

just a while ago i was on for 55" before i got knocked off. then 3" and nowit has been 27" and i am still on now? it does this a lot i will be on for an hr or 2 and not happen then sometimes it will start and every little bit. sometimes i get the feeling my provider may be doing it?

i have talk to a freind of mine who works for the phone co and he has told me basicly what u have.

could it be that my sons $$$lap is not as sensitive?
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My sister had the same problem and i checked her lines for everything and all tests came back clear. I told her to call ISP provider and informed them that a phone tech was out here and ran numerous test and monitored the line and it's not the phone company fault.

Well in her case it was the ISP (I don't remember what it was,long time ago) they kept insisting it was the phone line and not them.After several calls and having the phone company tech(Me) call them to explain what tests we did and that it was on their end somehow the problem was no longer.

This might not be the problem but who knows.
If it only happens when idle it's a good chance it's the ISP.

Does this happen when u are only on or when you and your son are on at the same time?

Sometimes (actually alot) it can be a splitter (you using a splitter)that looks perfectly good but after time they get messed up inside where the pins are. If you have splitter try it without and see what happens.

Check the jack itself and look inside the part where you connect your phone line and see if the pins look ok.

Check and make sure all connections are secure. Loose wire WILL cause static and knock you off.

Does it happen when you are idle (reading web page) or actually surfing?

Check wires that go to pc from jack for nics or any kind of damage.

You said you ran a homerun from dmarc to pc.How is it getting to your son's pc?

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phone line

we are not on at the same time. i only have 1 line and it is dial up.

i called the isp when it started to happen and they say it is not their problem and if and when i get corrected they may be right, it is my problem because i am their customer. i have not been to please with some of the ones i try to communicate motto is" the customer is not always right ,but they are the customer until you loose them"

this happens when i am on, and last night i was on for an hr+ and then i could not even stay con. long enough to get to inter. my wife tried it later and the same thing. i am on it now at 1059 am and no problem, sometimes seems as though it is the high use time 500pm -1000.

like i said iran a wire direct from my outside box(nothing else con.) and it still discon. my sons lap top is left con. all night some times and it does not discon.

i will call phone co again and get them to check. tks. for your replies.
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Here is a site with a test that can be run to determine phone line noise.

Hope this helps.

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