New Dell Computer

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New Dell Computer

I am having problems with my new Dell 4600 Dimension. While online it will go to a Blue Screen, saying A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer, etc. This happens at least once a day and it's a real pain. Not sure what to do. Have read a few articles on this but I'm not technically inclined. Stop errors are 0x0000008E, 0xC0000005, 0xF85C827A, 0xF897D9A8, and 0x00000000. I would assume this shouldn't be happening, the computer is only 2 weeks old, and this has been happening since the first day I got it.

Any help would be appreciated!

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i would call dell support as its a brand new computer
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Sounds like you have a virus. Did you get anti-virus software installed on the new computer? When did you last update it? Anti-virus companies provide updates at least once a week. I think the latest SoBig virus was released last week.

First update your anti-virus. Then run a full virus scan on everything, including the RAM. If you don't know how to do this, call Dell support.

BTW - does this happen on one particular site or just random?
Are you using dial-up, cable, DSL? Do you have a firewall?
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Also try to download and run
and Adaware

I had similar problems with one last week and it turned out to be spyware.

Check these Knowledgebase articles:
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Good, you have written down the exact stop errors!
Each one identifies an exact problem, such as bad RAM.
If you do some searching, you can find the explanations for them.
Microsoft's support site should be the prevailing resource to explain them. The Booklet that comes with OEM versions of Windows XP Pro has a chart near the back with the most common errors.
--What bothers me about your situation is that there are 4 or more errors!--
Do they all occur independantly? or together?

0x0000008E =faulty RAM
0xC0000005 =a software issue, lots of reasons sited
0xF85C827A I cannot find a explanation, ask Dell
0xF897D9A8 I cannot find a explanation, ask Dell
0x00000000 =ACPI configuration wrong (I advise it to be set to ON, Windows and the BIOS need to agree on the settings) this regards power managment and the power supply

My advice is get rid of that particular Dell computer. I think it has one or more faulty parts, and is most likely to be the motherboard. How would you like to handle the situation? Are you "committed" to that precise machine, or are you willing/able to send it back for another? You are looking at hours of tech support either way. Troubleshooting is difficult with them, but better than anyone else with a brand name. I ask about sending it back because it is only 2 weeks old. Read the agreements and find out how long you have to return it for disatisfaction.

Before attempting to have tech support tie you to the phone, Reinstall everything from scratch (with any files you have created on there backed up). (repartition/reformat the hard drive first). Do this to have a new environment to use for verifying each of those stop errors, especially the software or unidentifiable errors. The bad RAM is a different situation, do you know your memory configuration? If not, your 7 digit service tag can tell me what all of the parts you have are. There may be other conflicts. I battled a sound card in a Dimension 4100 for 2 years, I decided to buy a new card of a different knid to eliminate the headache. No problems since, it was an incompatibility. Dell has since stopped offering that card.

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Originally posted by abNORMal
Also try to download and run
and Adaware

I had similar problems with one last week and it turned out to be spyware.

I recommend those two softwares also.
But becareful when using Spybot because it could mess around with your windows registry.
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Before doing anything on your own, call Dell support.

I own a Dell, my wife owns a Dell, and my company has some Dells. I have never had a poroblem with Dell support.

Now on to your issue. Based on what you describe, I would suspect either a virus or a problem with your power supply.

Dell can help you with either of those issues.
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Please don't load any software. You can run the Dell system restore disk, but I wouldn't even do that since the system was defective right out of the box. It's possible that you might hit on something that resolves your problem(s), but much more likely that you won't. Call Dell and request an RMA. Don't take no for an answer. Don't waste your time. If nothing else works, tell them you are simply unhappy with the system and wish to return it. You have 30 days from date of purchase or the defective machine is yours to keep. As green jacket said, you're looking at hours of tech support, and I'll add that the machine may never work correctly.

I wish Dell support was what it used to be, but they have apparently moved their support desk to another country. My customers have been complaining for the past few weeks. When I called last week in regard to a customer complaint, the person I talked to was difficult to understand and bordered on rude.

Dell still makes an excellent system. I have worked with them for many years and put hundreds of them on people's desks. I'm confident that they will resolve their problems and get back to what they used to be. They just aren't there yet. My advice to anyone considering purchase of a Dell system is (I can't believe I'm saying this...) to also purchase the "Gold Support" option. Gold Support goes to a different help desk which we haven't gotten any complaints about (yet).

Best of luck. Please let us know how you do.

Doug M.
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Just wanted to thank you guys for all your replys, I evidently did not install some of the virus scan programs all the way, they were not working 100%, have done so since, and have had absolutely NO problems. Thanks

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