types of operating systems


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types of operating systems

Most 9of the pc's I'm familiar with, e.g. H.P., Compaque, Dell, Gateway, run windows I believe. This usually involves a keyboard, a mouse and clicks are used to maneuver.
I am trying to understand what IBM and Mac use and how they are different. I've heard IBM has a language called lotus.
Could a windows user run Mac and IBM or are they so different you would need to learn their system?
Is Apple related to Mac?
Are there any other kinds of o.s.'s out there?
It is good to know more than the little world you type in so any help appreciated.
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For the most part, there are two kinds of computers. The pc or personal computer, generally all the offspring of the original IBM personal computer from about 1980. The other is the Apple line of computers, dating from the same time.

Apple computers, Apple, Imac, macintosh, and such, use the apple computer company's proprietary operating system. It is found only on the apple computers. It is supposed to be extremely easy to use. All the equipment and programs are specifically made for the apple computer. Downside is that it all tends to be more expensive than what most are used to with personal computers generally in use.

Everything else is a personal computer or pc. There are exceptions to this, but they are not mainstream. Personal computers are made by many companies and you can build one yourself. PCs uses one of many operating systems: Windows is common, Linux not so common, then there is the small margin of whatever is left. Based upon what is currently available, Windows and Linux look, act, and feel pretty much alike from the perspective of the user. There are programs available for each that don't run on the other. For the record, Apple programs don't run on PCs and the other way around.

What people think of using is generally the programs that come with the operating system or are purchased later on. People tend to be comfortable with what they use all the time. Those who are comfortable with Windows face some learning when making a change to Linux. The same applies to those moving from Linux to Windows. Lotus Notes is a suite of programs that operate together to perform tasks such as word processing, data collaboration, scheduling, e-mail, and the like. Microsoft Office suite is similar. Linux has Evolution for comparison.

Every computer program has its own characteristics to learn in order to feel comfortable with the programs. Similarly, one has to make the transition to driving with a standard shift transmission when having driven only an automatic transmission.

Going from Apple to Windows to Linux is mostly a matter of making the transition of learning how everything works. As with everything else, some feel that one is vastly superior to the other. With a bit of time spent learning the way around, one works about as well as another. Some computer programs do particularly good jobs of some activities, and command a strong following among users. People tend to stay with what they feel comfortable with.

Hope this helps.
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Or, in other words, in theory they are about the same; but in practice they can be totally different
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Your explanation certainly did help me understand the differences and similarities and view the whole picture regarding computers. Thank you.

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