Formating a flopppy (3 1/2")


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Unhappy Formating a flopppy (3 1/2")

i have bought a external floppy disk drive with a usb port connected to a compaque persario with intel processer 4 and windows xp.

well anyways i place the disk into the slot, go to my computer and click on the icon for the new floppy drive. it says the disk is not formatted and would i like to do so now, i click yes and it tries but cannot format it. and even says it cannot format. it had worked on the other floppy drive but that one broke so i am stuck using this one. can anyonetell me how to format the disk so i can get my information?
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If the disk had been written on a floppy drive that was failing, then it could be that it was originally formatted on a floppy drive that was poorly aligned. Now that you have a new floppy drive, there might be enough difference in the alignment of the read/write heads that the new drive can't read the file table on the disk, and thus thinks it's blank.

Why it can't format it though could be something different.

Make sure that the floppy disk isn't write protectd. If you look at the bottom side of your floppy disk (where the metal hub is), there is usually a sliding tab in the corner of the disk. Slide the tab towards the edge to make the disk writeable.

The acid test would be to try the disk as is in a different computer - it could be that the USB floppy drive you have is bad or it's the one that's really misaligned.
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If their is information on the disk you want to retrieve you should not format it.
Is the disk drive actually accessed and an attempt made to format it? ie does the drive light light? Do you get any message about the format?
Open my computer and try right clicking on the drive letter and click format in the box that should open. the box that comes up should be info about the disk you want to format. Click start to begin the process.
If the disk is write protected (The little door in the lower left corner of the disk is open ) It will not format, but should give you a message saying so. Close this window on the disk and try again.
Unless the computer is not talking to the drive or the disk is just bad you should be able to format it. If the drive will read a disk you know is good with data on it try to format a different disk.
Hope you can make sense of this and that it helps.
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Do you have current drivers for this USB device?

You might try to re-install the drivers.

Formatting the floppy disk will destroy any information stored on it.

If the disk is old, that is, has been formatted a while back and data stored on it, and used repeatedly, it may be unreadable. As floppies became cheaper, I found that more and more of them would fail to format or read properly over time. It got to where I used only brand new floppies to store data on, and used them only once. After CD writers came out, I quit using floppies altogether. New computers are starting to come without floppy drives. Not all of my computers even have floppy drives in them.

Considering that you can buy a CD writer for $50, you might consider that as a future investment and skip the floppy. Most computers produced since the 486 have CD drives in them as standard equipment.

Hope this helps.
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