Is this becoming more of the norm for ISP

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Is this becoming more of the norm for ISP

Had dinner with my eldest son last night. For those that care, he is network support specialist for cable company in midwest.
He told me that they are now limiting bandwidth to just 6 gigs a month on most cable packages but you can buy more bandwidth for more $$$. and it is priced to get the user to d/l less large files.
I currently have no limits on internet usage but with kids and myself online, we would probably use bandwidth in less than a week.
I was just curious if others here have limits on usage from ISP...

I was also told of movie studios are now looking at Kaaza traders, not just music anymore. My son has to contact people and tell them to "delete" files from kaaza shared folders or legal action will follow.
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I don't currently have an ENFORCED limit, but you know it's just a matter of time.
Cox bandwidth usage policy:
In order to provide all Cox High Speed Internet customers with an optimal online experience, Cox must effectively manage network resources for all users. As part of our network management activities, we proactively identify accounts that may be utilizing excessive network bandwidth.
What Are the Current Cox High Speed Internet Residential Bandwidth Limitations?
Cox offers multiple packages of Service with varying speeds and bandwidth usage limitations (not all packages are available in all areas). Specific limitations for the various packages are listed here(see below)

Cox limitations policy
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How would that work, the bandwidth deal? I'm always on with cable and keep my mail program running so it can check mail automatically. I rarely do large downloads, but sometimes download ISO images from Linux to my hard drive to try them out.

I've also been checking into something my ISP offers: phone line through the cable line? I'm leary of that one for two reasons. One, if the power goes out I'm out of internet and phone; two, if the cable goes out I'm out of phone and internet service. I wouldn't be able to dial in for internet. How would phone service be included in bandwidth usage or is that a whole different ballgame?

So far there hasn't been mention of any bandwidth restrictions with Time Warner.

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Bandwidth is more of an issue with cable ISPs, as everyone on your piece of cable (usually your street or neighborhood) shares the same bandwidth. One or two people downloading large files slows everyone down.

The cable ISPs want to impose limits to both be able to charge more for users who use more bandwidth, and to avoid having to install more equipment to provide more bandwidth in the first place.

If you haven;t seen it yet with Time Warner, you will soon.

This is one reason I dumped cable and went to DSL.
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Unhappy prices will always go up

Prices for everything will continue to go up, one way or another.
Example - its renewal time for the health insurance where I work. It used to be one or two plans to choose from. This year we have 6 options - each with a different cost. If everyone in my family stays healthy I will spend less this year - but if its the same as last year, I'll spend more.
Look at tp - notice the "double rolls" are about the same size as a regular roll was a few years ago, but at double the cost? If the price stays the same, the amount of product decreases.
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My cable bill has already gone up. I'm up $5 from where I started last year. Sad part is that it isn't anything to brag about to begin with. Just basic cable, and the picture isn't always clear. No matter how many times I get them out here, it remains the same. Every time they add or remove a customer it messes it up again. Not to mention how many bootlegger's we have in this neighborhood alone.

They did add a couple of channels at no extra charge, but then again, they found some other things to charge us extra for instead. I have just basic cable, but wouldn't even bother with that if I had any reception out here at all.

DSL isn't offered here yet or I would have stayed with that instead of going to cable internet. I have better luck with the internet service here than the cable LOL.


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