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I have a vidio file I downe loaded from kazza . someone idea of a joke I cant delete it, it has a real long name I cannot rename it cannot open it ,drag it to recycle bin. How do I get rid of it???? Help!!!
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I trust you run a current anti-virus program.

Windows DOS uses the 8.3 file naming convention. If you have Windows 98 or 98se or XP and you know which folder holds the file, do this to remove it.

Click Start, Run, and type Command, press enter. This will open a DOS window. Change to the directory where the file is located:
C:\> cd \directoryname
C:\directoryname> del filena~1.*

Where the name of the file is filenamexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.??? You will need the first 6 letters of the file name. There must be only one file with the name that will match this to avoid deleting any other file with a similar name.

One way to find out if there is another file in this directory with a similar name would be to enter: C:\directoryname> dir filena* . This will list all files with a name containing filena as the first 6 characters.

You can find the directory name by looking in windows explorer to find the path to the file in the directory where the file is.

Hope this helps.
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Sometimes, when you have viewed a file with MediaPlayer, it is not 'released' after you stop or close the file. Open any other file with your media viewing app. Now use Windows Explorer and go to where you stored the file of interest and you should be able to delete/move/rename.
Hope this is helpful.

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