File corrutions and Text automaticly changing, Kinda need help.


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Angry File corrutions and Text automaticly changing, Kinda need help.

Hi I have two questions.

to start i have a generic circut city computer, intel 4, using windoes XP home edition, compaque persario. I almost daily scan it with Norton Virus scanner and have dont the C:drive fixing (through properties and all that)

One: I use windows multi-media maker, I have just finished a long hard file about 12 minutes long (a movie) I reset my computer after saving it. when I turn it back on I load the file to continue work on it later. it says the File CANNOT load because it is not there, (i see the file icon so it is there) or that the file was corrupt and WILL NOT LOAD. Is there anyway to get back my document. I mean it was hard work and now says I cannot load it.

Two: I also type regualer text documents. Before I used to hold Shift and Coluon to get the Quote marks. Now when I do THE SAME shift-buttons, it only does a single line that looks like half an l or an ll in half. how do i set them to go back to the regual way?
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Shift and colon generally produce a colon. Shift and quotation mark produce a double quotation mark. If you had mapped your keyboard to do what you say, you might check the mapping to see that it is intact.

I reset my computer after saving it.
I hope you mean that you went through the shutdown procedure of start, turn off computer, reboot/restart computer and did not just press the reset button. If you did press the reset button, you may have interupted the file save before it was complete. This may have resulted in the large file becoming corrupt. It takes only one bit to be wrong to corrupt the whole file.

Your video program may keep a backup file of the most recent work to protect you in the event of an unexpected termination of a program. I would check to see if it keeps one. It may not be complete, but it would be better than nothing.

Hope this helps.
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No it did not create a back-up file but at least I saved multiple file names with bits and chunks here and there. argh a week down the tubes. But I did shut it down correctly. clicked save then the x then
start, then the shutdown.
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the quotation marks....

Ok how do I get my quotation marks BACK i do not want the ' or the ", but before when I would press the same button to get those the other marks appeared (the marks look like an upside down comma, so standard quote marks ) but now I have to type ALT-0147 or ALT-0148, I never had to do that before.
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I don't know why you have the situation you have. Here are some discussions on mapping the keyboard the way you like it. Perhaps this will help.
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tools / autocorrect

Check the settings in auto correct, with your document open,go to the top click tools, click auto correct, check the options tab, see if the "smart quotes" box is checked.

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