not a valid windows image?C:\WINDOWS\system32\hnetcfg.dll,


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not a valid windows image?C:\WINDOWS\system32\hnetcfg.dll,

Well this is weird.
Maybe you can explain.
Did you ever run into this?

I am running windows XP on an e machine t 1115.
1st. There was an error message when CompuServe was
starting, with reference to CompuServe DLL
C:\WINDOWS\system32\hnetcfg.dll, Not a valid windows Image. Please
check this against your installation disk; then I would close the error message and all was well. It
was annoying though, so I did system restore, then I was getting the
error all the time, with reference to msmsgs.exe.
I could close it and continue on the computer for a while, but it would
pop up again, and I had to close it 2 or 3 times, and it would "stay
away" for a while, and then come back.

I found the hnetcfg.dll file on line, and went into the system32 folder, and found the hnetcfg.dll file. I clicked properties, and it said 0 KB in size. (The new hnetcfg.dll I downloaded was 235 KB in size)
I renamed the original hnetcfg.dll to hnetcfg.dllold, and tried to install the new file into the system 32 folder, but it said it already existed; did I want to replace it?
I figured I better not. I did not see the hnetcfg.dll file near hnetcfg.dllold, but found it way at the bottom of the folder.
Does windows have these .dll files stored somewhere else, and reinstall them as needed, or do you think it may have been some type of trozen virus that was snuck in there, disguised as the hnetcfg.dll file.
Beats me? But I rebooted and all is well.
No more error message when starting CompuServe or when in windows.

I am curious? Any Ideas?
Thanks, Tony D.
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hnetcfg.dll =
Home Networking Configuration Manager

Win xp has had some problems with this file when enabling or disabling the firewall. Make sure you have all the service packs/hotfixes. This could of been a corrupt file,bad update, or bad install.
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I must have hit a wrong key and it posted too soon. (The last post)
We have sp1 installed, and this install of XP has been working since June.
Any Idea why when I renamed the old file, and tried to paste the new one into system 32 folder, it was already in there?
Like I said it was not next to the old file, it was way at the bottom of the folder.
Unless when I downloaded it, it automatically installed it.
But I did check" save it to hard drive"(in a new folder.),not open from current location.
Thanks, Tony D.
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Windows will not allow you to install or remove a dll file if it thinks the existing dll file is in use.

What you need to do is either boot with a dos disk and delete the old dll, or setup a windows install script to do this on power up.

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