Getting Behind The Times


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Getting Behind The Times

Since I upgraded from ME to XP Pro (I don't know what this has to do with anything but I thought I'd mention it in case it did), every 3 or 4 days when I turn on my machine, the clock shows that it has lost 2 hours. Always seems to be 2 hours. I reset it & everything is fine for another 3-5 days.

I'm thinking it is time to change the CMOS battery. What do you think?

If that is true, I have a few questions:

1) I haven't had the machine open for a while & have never changed a battery like that before. Are they soldered in? ...just pop out & replace? (I only have a honkin' big solder gun & don't want to melt the mobo ;-)

2) What's the procedure for changing the battery? I think I am supposed to get into the CMOS screen & copy down everything I see there. Does EVERYTHING reset? What should I be extra special careful about?


emachine etower 600is
Windows XP Pro
256mb ram
40gb hard drive
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i was having the same thing found that the clock was set to sincronize thru my net connection in some timezone that wasnt rite. Actually I couldnt find the rite timezone for us in ontario. I unchecked synchronise or option to that effect. Battery is not soldered in
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I thought I unchecked that! ...but is checked.

Thanks mudder, I'll keep an eye on that for a while.
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Yeah, I don't think it's the CMOS battery - first of all, those things last a long time. Secondly, you would probably know if the battery was bad - you would have other problems at POST and the computer would restart once or twice and who knows what else.

It's probably the auto-sync thing.

Good luck!
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It seems that a lot happened since I started this reply. If you need to change the battery take a look:

.. if the battery is not holding its charge.

Here is a run down on changing the battery.

Most modern boards don't have anything special set in the CMOS other than boot drive read sequence. You can compare the listing in your motherboard manual with what is in yours and note any differences.

Turn off the computer, open the case and look for a battery about the size of a nickel. It should be obvious, and held by a clip. Read the number off of the side of it. You can get one at many places, such CVS, computer stores, radio shack.

Hope this helps.
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No, nothing else funny happening (yet Safe. No reboots or anything...just the usual Windoze behaviour

Thanks for the instructions Chris. I think I understood the procedure but with an emachine...strange things happen sometimes.

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