Printer problems


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Printer problems

I have two printers, neither of which I can use.

First is an Epson Stylus Color 600, that I was happy with, but apparently can't use with my new system- no driver for XP? Any hope to be able to use this again, or is it scrap?

Second is a Lexmark X73 that came with my new system. One month out of warranty, it refuses to print from the black cartridge. Despite showing 1/2 full of ink, I tried a new cartridge, and still nothing. Color cartridge working well. My dealer says it's cheaper to buy a new printer than to have him look at it. Is this scrap too?

What to do? Are landfill sites rapidly filling with printers???

All help greatly appreciated.

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You may be able to use your Epson printer on your XP system. Try a generic driver.

Yes, your Lexmark printer is probably trash. It is definitely cheaper to buy a new one than to work on an old one. This is true for almost any consumer printer these days. It is also cheaper for most other rlectronic equipment, such as VCRs, DVD pleyers, etc. That's the drawback of cheap electronics.

Unless you or a friend want to take apart your printer as a learning experience you will no doubt be better off replacing it. Even if you do take it apart and determine the problem you may find it difficult to get replacement parts. For this reason I recommend keeping the old one around if you eplace it with the same model.
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You can still print on the old 600

From the Epson website.

XP has a driver for the Color 600. You can still use it to print. What you will not have:

Ability to check your ink levels

Ability to print at 2880dpi (if your printer supports that resolution)

Advanced Color Management features

Advanced Page Layout features like watermarks, multi-page support, or doublesided printing (if your printer supports this feature)

As for the new printer - So what if you can't print black? Just use a dark color that will print. My daughter had to do this when out HP printer ran out of black ink and the paper was due the next morning.
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Printer Problems

The Epson Stylus 600 is supported in XP. XP has built in drives or you can use Windows 2000 drivers as per this FAQ from Epson Site.

Question: What Printer Drivers can be used with Windows XP?

Answer: There are three different drivers that can be used in Windows XP for your Epson printer...

1. Windows XP Built-in Drivers
2. Windows 2000 Drivers from the Epson Support Website
3. Windows 2000/XP Drivers from the Epson Support Website

As for the other printer, check your manual. Almost all printers have a head cleaning ustility built into their drivers. The ink can harden clogging the print heads and all that is usually required is to do a head clean. Many printers can do this by pressing certain buttons while turning it on or by a tab on the printer drivers properties. Check your manual.

This happens to my printer anytime I let it set too long before printing. A simple head cleaning and all is well.

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