installing new harddrive??


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Question installing new harddrive??

I have Gateway 333c with 256mb ram running win 98.

This is what I did
put new harddrive (maxtor 15) in as slave drive connecting to the second ide connector and the second ps plug. (I wanted the newer drive in so that I could copy the info from the main (3g)drive then put it back onto the (partitioned) newer drive. Made sure I had the jumpers in the correct position according to the individual drives specs.

My problem is after doing all the connecting as soon as I plug in the power the computer turns on and just sits there no booting, nothing on the monitor, I can't even turn the computer on or off.

I took the newer drive back out and connected the main drive back up the way it was before I started and it's doing the same thing as mentioned above.
What have I my power supply gone now?

I checked all the power switch plugs to be sure they were plugged in.

I don't know what else to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What happens when you push the power button, does the fan turn, any lights on the cd romor floppy? is the moniter on, any noise, clicks? Is the power at the surge protector switch turned on, the power button on the back of the computer on?
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When I plug in the power outlet cord the computer turns on but there is nothing at the monitor, no boot up just lights at the power button and I can hear the fan to the power supply and a click.
No I cannot turn the power button on, no lights at the floppy nor cdrom....if I push the cdrom button the cd tray comes out but nothing else.
Power surge protector is on, there is no power button on the back of the computer. If you are talking about the one next to the power connection it is set a 115.
I looked around the power supply for a circuit interruptor but there is nothing.
All power supply plugs are securely in place including P1.

Any other suggestions/questions

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Hard Drive Installation

Make sure that when you changed drives that the drive cables have not been partially unplugged from the motherboard. Also make sure you re-verify the master slave jumpers on the drive and make sure it is set to master or stand alone depending on the drive.

Also make sure you didn't hit the memory module which is sometimes near where you work to move drives around and check to see that the module is seated properly.

The best way to copy drives is to leave both drives set as master. Connect one as usual to the 1st IDE cable. Then disconnect your CD rom drive and connect second drive to secondary IDE controller. By doing this it is not necessary to play with drive jumpers and when you have the old drive copied to the new one just simeply move the new drive to the primary IDE controlloer, reconnect your CD drive and away you go.

As suggested see if your power supply fan and CPU fan are spinning when you power on. Let us know and we can go from there.
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Carefully check for anything on the circuit board that does not belong. Account for all screws and other metal parts. Make sure the fan on the processor is spinning. Make sure all cards are seated fully.

It seems to me that something is shorting out somewhere. The computer should boot to the system speaker beep without anything other than the processor and its fan. (Power On Self Test).

The power switch on the front should work, unless it is disconnected somehow. The computer should not come on when the power cord is connected unless it is in a state wherein the power was interrupted as in a power failure and the BIOS is set to reboot when power returns.

Nothing at all on the monitor indicates a loose connection that is partially seated if it is a monitor signal cable, or no signal from the video card. If the monitor is on and the cable is completely disconnected, there should be something displayed to the effect that there is no signal. Turn the monitor off then back on to verify this.

Maxtor drives come with programs that will set up your new drive and transfer data for you. Really quite handy.
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thank you..........I am a little fed up with the computer right now so I think I will give it a rest for a few days and then tackle it again. Thank goodness I have another computer to work with.


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