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Question upgrading old computer

I have an old Gateway G6 (1998 vintage Pentium Pro 200) that I want to upgrade to a P4 if possible. I'm pretty sure the motherboard is a ATX form factor so I think it's physically possible but not sure about the width. I've been told it's not wide enough to house the processor with heat sink and fan. Does anybody have any insight to this?

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Even if the case is large enough to use, the back plate won't necessarily have the right connection openings for a board so different. The power supply will be too small for a P4 and won't have all the connectors.

My recommendation is to start from scratch and use the hard drive, floppy, and CD drives with a new case, power supply, motherboard, processor, etc.

A new case with power supply will generally run less than $65. You will need at least 300 watts and might as well get 400. A power supply by itself will be $30, so the new case is a nice plus.

Sometimes there is a limit to what you can re-use.

Hope this helps.
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All other measurements and specifications aside - a Pentium Pro board simply can't support a P4 anyway. You'll <i>have</i> to upgrade the Mobo to go with a P4.

I highly recommend looking at bare bones systems - it varies by retailer, but usually this includes the case, the Power Supply, the Mobo and possibly a CPU and some RAM.

Good luck!
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Thanks for your replies. I guess I wasn't real clear. I just wanted to know if I could use the same case assuming the old mother board is an ATX and the new mother board that supports a p4 is also an ATX. Chfite has a good point, cases and ps are cheap but I hate to throw away a good case.
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Incase you would like to know, there is a good site I go to get computer supplies.

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Probably not as Gateway has a tendency of having a non-standard case (the Venus plate (connector plate) is typically has a different arrangement. Also, you'll also find most likely that Gateway case uses a single plug to connect the front bezel to the MB (lights, power switch, etc). "Standard" MB don't use this setup (they use multiple small connectors), so you'll have to cut the old connector, and figure out a way to connect it to the new MB. Overall it's not worth the effort as Gateway cases were really never that "pretty".
Realistically you'll probably not be able to salvage much from that computer. I would go AMD instead of Intel mainly because of cost. All 4 of my computers are AMD now. EggHead has some fairly good prices and good selection. I sometimes shop at ComputerGeeks also. Best buy has a good deal on WD drives now (80G for $39 after $60 rebate), and I like their order online/pick up at the store option. Got some RAM yesterday (256Mb PC2700 for $24 ($50 retail, $26 rebate from Kingston).

You will definetely need a new MB, CPU and RAM (256 min, 512 is best for XP). A new hard drive is also probably a must (as the only drive is not only small but also slow). A new CDROM is also probably a good idea (you can get a CDRW drive for less then $50 sometimes). Only 1 of my systems has a floppy drive. You'll also probably need a video card. If you get a MB with integrated video make sure it has an AGP slot also in case you want to upgrade to better video. Integrated sound/NIC is typically standard. Also, if you have ISA cards now you're out of luck. I haven't seen a MB with ISA slots in ages.

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