Slow Boot/start up


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Slow Boot/start up

Hey guys and gals, first I want to admit I am not a computer wiz. I surf the net, do tons of digital pix, words docs, make cards etc etc. I bought a top of the line Gateway home PC about 2 years ago. Flat screen Pent 4 I think, it was one of the best I could buy at that time. My problem is, when I turn it on, it takes 4-5 mins to fully boot up. This is very frustrating. I have been told I have to much running at start up or to many programs at start up. Is this the case? If not any ideas? If this is the case how do I clean it up so it will boot up quicker.

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If you are running windows: Click Start, Run, type MSCONFIG, press return,and select the startup menu tab. In general, you can unselect everything except your anti-virus program and systray. From there, you can add back what you find that you need. This should help.

Download and use Ad-aware from lavasoftusa to clean up spyware that tends to slow down a computer as well.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks alot. I will try this.
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You may also want to try microsofts bootvis program. It can track your entire start up sequence and optimize it for you

* Edited - MS no longer supports or distributes BootVis - more information available <a href="">here</a> *

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I'm 99% sure your problem lies in the startup programs. Many times I go to clients and find that the taskbar is over half filled with startup icons. Many programs right now love to load a startup, and when you combine all of them the boot time goes up considerably. Most of them you really don't need. Does anybody know what the office startup does? I see no difference between loading in and not loading it. If you have a digital camera you'll need to allow the startup to load or the "hot sync" feature won't work. Same with a scanner.
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Just because you have a digital camera or a scanner or someother device does not mean that you have to allow the startup program to run when you boot the computer.

Agreed, it is much easier to load them at startup and forget about them, but you don;t have to.

You can always manually start your camera program just before you connect your camera, or start your scanner program before scanning a picture. This way they only use memory and resources when you actually need them.

Or of you want to boot quickly but still have these programs start automatically, set them to start automatically a minute or so after your computer has booted.

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