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I took out the "RealTek Modem" I have inside of my computer (it's a really small one, custom for the mobo). Then I booted up the computer, and the sound card went dead but the USB 2.0 BUSLINK card works now. Weird that one shuts off hte other one starts up.

It looks like an IRQ problem to me...I feel like I'm closing in on the problem.

Please help, thanks!
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Your MB should have a setting in the BIOS to reset the hardware configuration on restart. It will basically rediscover everything again at the next restart.
I also found that even though you have a PnP OS, telling the BIOS you do not solves some problems. If you don't use the serial ports you can disable them in the BIOS. Most MB will share IRQs based on the PCI slot. The AGP slot almost always shares the same IRQ with PCI1 I believe. If you have the MB manual look and see. Putting all PCI cards next to eachother will usually guarantee that they will use different IRQs.
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I have two PCI slots, and one AGP slots. ALl three are next to each other.

If you look in my manual: you wil lsee the pictures.

I've already disabled serial, and parallel ports on my mobo. I talk to a techie, and he said something about "IRQ" conflict. I don't see something in my mnual that lets me adjust my IRQ channels, unless Im reading it worg.

What can I do?
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shouldn't be the problem

Power is regulated to the various connections.

One thought I had: Did you tell the bios to use the AGP slot? My bios has the option of using the agp or pci slot first. I set it to check agp first.

I tried to look at the manual, but its in chinese. I can't install the translation pack on the computer I'm on now. Will try to look at the manual tonight.
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I told my BIOS to go to AGP first. There is a manual available in English on the site.

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