Where has all the spam gone?


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Question Where has all the spam gone?

I have experienced a dramatic decrease in spam in the past few weeks: from 20-30 pieces of junk e-mail daily to 5 or so. Is this attributable to recently passed legislation? Should I give the credit to my ISP? What is going on here? It sure has been a nice surprise.
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I wouldnt give credit to any legislation. They have made it easier to send spam, not harder. Give credit to the isp.
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Thumbs down No surprises here!!!

Less junk-mail!

I get up to several hundred a day and I will soon have to give in and change my address.
My isp is partly to blame but they are just a middleman for a national service that provides access to small communities.

In fact I've about had enough!!!
Dial-up where my coffee gets cold before all my pages load up and junk mail that I filter through Mailwasher but sometimes accidentally loose REAL mail.


In fact I think I'll go there this afternoon and take out some frustration.
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Change you email name then dont give out the address unless its necessary, and dont click on the "remove from senders list" at the bottom of emails/spams, you can click on the block from senders options, when answering surveys use a phony email address
"bvgjn @ eov" such as a bunch of letters @ bunch of letters.
when most viruses hit they go to your address' so when it goes here first it cant reconise anything and is stopped cold.
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Several misconceptions.

Viruses are not stopped cold by a dummy email address in your address book. Your own email program doesn't even know when it sends email to an invalid email address, how is a virus going to know?

Clicking on a remove link may work. If the spammer is a legitimate company, and sometimes if they are not, they honor their remove links. I was able to clean up my son's email address (he did something stupid) by diligently clicking remove links and by send email directly to some of the companies.

And finally, something that works. Use a free email address for newsgroups or anywhere else your email address will be public, including this forum. Only use your real email address for friends and family and for companies that you actually do business with.

Finally, never purchase anything advertised through email, no matter what it is, no matter who sent it. Even if its your favorite web site to buy from, don;t click on that link. Doing so sends the message that spam works. Instead, go to their web site and do a manual search for the product you want.
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Yesterday I got a second e-mail account from my isp and switched over friends, family and this site.
I'm keeping my old address for a month or so and it will be interesting to see what junk I might get on my new account.
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not sure if it helps but.....

one thing i do when i forward a message is to delete all of the other headers. that way the other email adressess are not visable ( i hope ) i may not be helping myself, but others - lol - cause i get email alot with tons of headers in them. if i was a spammer hello i just got jackpot! Happy New Year ---- to All!!!
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to Marturo

Can you post some details of how you accomplished that (white-listing)? Also, have you run a spyware program after installing Incredemail?

-Steve G
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Originally posted by: steve_gro
Can you post some details of how you accomplished that (white-listing)?
It's going to depend on your POP3 provider's software. Most of them allow you to setup filters for e-mail. My WebHost uses cPanel which has e-mail filtering built-in. All I have to do is go into the filters and setup who/what I do want and who/what I don't want - or send it to another e-mail address, etc.

You should probably check with your provider about their filtering software - optionally, you could use Outlook or Eudora or pretty much any e-mail program to setup your own filters. The thing I like about using server-side filters is that the e-mails do not have to hit my computer before they are filtered out.

Good luck!
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Sorry to butt in here... didn't see mention of this, so thought it might be of some use to someone with mega-spam. I rely on a shareware program called MailWasher, which is great. You can delete, filter, bounce, add to a blacklist, use recognized spam-lists (SpamCop, etc.) for filtering, add "friends" so their emails will always get through, block entire domains, foreign character sets, etc., etc. Worth a peek if you've not seen it previously. It's at www.firetrust.com.

I'm running MailWasher Pro, but I believe they still offer the no-frills shareware version on their site.

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I didn't have the load of spam that the others here have spoken of. I was receiving five to ten trash pieces a day though. I have three hotmail and one earthlink addresses.

I am down to maybe one a day on average, and that's a definite maybe. What did I do? Not a damn thing ... so there has to be something going on. I no longer get the "see Paris Hilton, enlarge yourself, or free XXX passwords" types of spam.

So what really happened?
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Consider yourself lucky! Perhaps msn/hotmail has added or upgraded their filtering interface... I truthfully don't know. But if I access my mail (1 hotmail and 6 @prodigy.net/yahoo) accounts without MailWasher, I'd be receiving hundreds a day touting viagra, porn sites, valium & xanax, ***** enlargement pitches, sex videos, and make-a-gazillion-$$-from-home schemes. 'Lest I forget the token "nigerian embassy needs your help" scams! (<--- Talk about longevity! )
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I know not many people will jump on this bandwagon, but AOL 9.0 is amazing when it comes to spam reduction. I have been an aol member for about 8 years or so, and was getting abot 20-30 spam messages a day. When I upgraded to 9.0, in about a week that number has reduced to 1 or 2 tops. My gf did the same and is taking advantage of the "hot word search", which allows you to enter words of interest and the mail program searches email messages for those words and tosses them in your spam folder. She rarely gets any spam messages now.
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I was getting lots of spam, but since I started to complain to the ISP's that these originate from, I get very few now, even had a few ISP's send me a message letting me know they have stopped the source.

This is what I do, I use Spam Killer, it will send out the complaints, looks up all possible sources and sends them out.

Now here is another way with out a program, but can take you more time to send the complaints out.

Copy the mail headers and paste them into this spam source search site .Spam Relay Checker , it will scan the headers and tell you where the source is coming from, once you find the abuse address for the ISP then sent the headers and your complaint, you will be surprised how effective this is.

Works for me
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Here is a example of an abuse message reply back for an IPS Sending a complaint to an ISP can have benefits, for one it stops them if action is taken and will stop the spammer from sending out to other then yourself.

Complaining does work, there is a 50 50 chance of stopping spam at the source

Tired of it, then do as I do, start researching and complaining.

Dear mr. Warren,

At 16:09 27.01.2004 +0000, Ron Warren wrote:
>I have received the attached unsolicited e-mail from
>someone at your domain.
>I do not wish to receive such messages in the future, so
>please take the appropriate measures to ensure that this
>unsolicited e-mail is not repeated.
>Return-Path: <ukZ@morning-glow.com>
>Received: from morning-glow.com (ti231210a080-2380.bb.online.no []) by addr6.addr.com (8.12.8/8.12.8/Submit) with SMTP id i0RBoULr035637 for <ron@atozplumbing.com>; Tue, 27 Jan 2004 03:50:31 -0800 (PST)
>Message-Id: <200401271150.i0RBoULr035637@addr6.addr.com>
>From: Medical Stunner <ukZ@morning-glow.com>
>To: ron@atozplumbing.com
>Subject: Bedroom Phenomenona come only once in a lifetime ..
>Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 07:48:37 -0500

We've closed the user's account for the time being.
We apologise for the inconvenience.

Please note that most of the spam coming from Norwegian hosts come from
compromised hosts, normally sent from USA, Russia or Asia, and targeting
markets in these areas (estimate of 95 - 99% of the cases we receive).

Abuse Response Team, Telenor Norge
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Another spammer bites the dust.


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.

In this particular case, we have taken appropriate action against the Yahoo! account in question, as per our Terms of Service (TOS). For further details about the Yahoo! TOS, you can visit:

Please know that Yahoo! is unable to disclose the action taken on
another user's account with a third party. We are not able to make exceptions to this rule.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.


Yahoo! Customer Care

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