Slow PC when gaming

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Slow PC when gaming

When I use some game software my pc slows down very much and sometimes locks up. These games are not played over the internet. I shut down most programs that are running in the background. My pc is an HP 4535 with just 64MB of ram and 400mhz Celeron processor. Seems like the games require at least 233mhz processing speed and 32MB of ram. I believe the pc's ram is upgradeable to 256MB. Would adding another 128MB improve the situation?
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Adding RAM is certainly a good idea for any computer. Will it help you? That's hard to say.

The Celeron is an inferior processor. That coupled with your limited RAM may be the real problem.
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my dad has an HP like yours.
except its a 667 celeron
64mb ram
and let me tell you thoes computer are crap!
slow hard drive
slow mother board
come with pc 100 ram and not enough of it.
here's what i would do, spend 5-800 bucks and get a new computer that will have like above a 2ghz processor good ram and HD.
if you dont have the money, here's a good thing to do with that computer (besides throw it in the trash lol)
this could run you about 75 bucks
this is what i did to my dads HP and boy it runs fine now!
get another stick of PC100 ram (i got 128 mb's it was like 30 bucks)
get a NEW hard drive, prefferably a 7200 rpm one but really your board in that comptuer cant handle that fast of HD, so maybe also get an ATA 100 or 133 controller card! :-D

thats what i did to my dads HP and boy it runs windows XP beautifully now!

hope that helps
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Gaming (can) require alot from your system. Your hard drive speed,data bus, memory amount as well as speed, and your graphics card all come into play. Upgrading to a better graphics card and maybe some more memory would probably help the most for gaming.
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I would start by adding RAM and see how it changes.
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adding more memory is always best but sometimes it might not be the most econimcal -- so what can you do

Defrag your disk
remove temp files
Clean up history and cache
Change VM settings so you have a tad more virtual memory..

Good luck

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