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Question Computer Speed

Hi again guys,

I've had something bugging me for a long time and finally decided to post here with you great guru's and get your thoughts on the subject.

My other older computer is a P/B R-500, Pentium MMX processor, 200 MHZ with Win 98SE.

My daughter has an identical older computer bought at the same time as mine and my wife has an older computer (don't know brand) at her work with a Pentium 166MHZ processor and Win 95.

BOTH of these other computers are much faster opening internal windows than mine. My hard drive seems to just rattle on and finally opens windows and programs ie:Windows Explorer...etc.

Could it be caused by the internal clock speed??? And if so, what is the process for adjusting the internal clock???

As usual, thanks in advance for all of you guys great advice and answers.

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Well, there are several factors involved here, first of all, you're running 98SE and not 95 - there's a lot more overhead built-in to 98SE than 95. The amount of RAM each computer has is going to be a big factor also. The hard drive crunching continuously is a sign that you are using a lot of Virtual Memory (Page File) instead of RAM - essentially, Virtual Memory is Windows-allocated hard drive space that is used when the RAM is used up. Since the hard drive runs much slower than RAM, the computer slows down considerably when it has to use Virtual Memory.

If you are running a lot of background programs, or if you haven't scanned your computer for AdWare, SpyWare and Viruses lately - now might be a good time. Regular maintainance helps more than anything. Try closing some background programs also - IE: you don't need AOL startup running all the time, instant messengers aren't necessary, etc. (you get the idea.)

Also make sure to run a scan and defrag of the hard drive regularly - even if Windows says it's not needed (sometimes it doesn't know what's best for it.)

Good luck!
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Thanks for the info Brandon,

Actually I've got the puter "skinnied down" nothing runs in the background but Norton AV and Task scheduler. No messenger programs or other un-necessary crap.

You could be right about the ram I do only have 32MG, and I'm glad you asked. Can you tell me where I can get the specs for ram upgrade for this computer??? Type and Nannoseconds...etc?

Thanks again,
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OH....also forgot to state that I scan and defrag on a weekly basis.

Thanks again,
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This place gives you the info you need. Just answer the questions.
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looks like this computer had two had dimms, and one had simms. crucial didnt have anything for dimms, so i hope it has simms.

more specs
$37.99 (USD)

more specs
$24.99 (USD)
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Hi again guys,

And once again many thanks for all the great advice.

I did install another 32MB of RAM and indeed it is faster.

However, it is now as fast as the other two computers I mentioned in my original post and both of them have 32MB of RAM.

So I'm still a little perplexed although pleased it's faster than it was.

Sooooooooo...I'm still wondering if it could be the internal clock one addressed that point in my original post, but I don't have any reservations that I could do it with just a little guidance.

Belarc Advisor says that the bus clock is now running at 66 mhz.

What can I safely increase it to and what is the process???

Sorry to be so much trouble, I'm just stumped and curious.

Thanks again in advance for any help.


P.S. Please feel free to email me at if it is to involved to post here.
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Bus speed is a fixed value.

Some processor speeds are adjustable by changing the voltages on some motherboards.

The speed of video operations is often governed by the capacity of the video card.

If the hard drive is making noise, using the diagnostic program from the manufacturer may give you insight into the overall condition of the drive.

Hope this helps.
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don't overclock

I wouldn't try to speed it up by overclocking. There's many factors in how fast a window opens up. I'd follow chfite's advice and run diagnostics on the hard drive.
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Good Morning Guys,'ve convinced me, I'll leave well enough alone.

No the hard drive is not making excessive noise, I was primarily speaking of the light rattling noise it makes when searching files, it's not excessive or any different than it's always been. And I must admit it's become less noisy with the added memory.

I'm smart enough to admit that I know the limits of my expertise and I believe I'll just be happy with what I've got.

I guess it was just a case of like building a Hot always want it to go just a little bit faster.....LOL

Many, many, thanks to you guys for all the help, I hope you all have a great day today and a great weekend.

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Hi Adrian

Do you have any programs installed that will delete spyware off your system? these programs are free and should be run every few days.
Ad-Aware personal edition..
Also you should have a good Anti-Virus program. Here is the one I use and it is also free..
If you run these programs your computer will again be yours and free of resorce eating spyware.
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I've found that the Windows registry can get chocked full of stuff. While it doesn't impede performance while its up and running, it can bring the boot process to a seemingly crawl. It will thrash your hard drive while it processes it too.

There are several ways to clean a cluttered registry;

1) regclean from Microsloft

2) The more painful, tedious, and dangerous method - manually go through and edit it.

3) re-install your OS
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