Windows access problem?


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Question Windows access problem?

Currently, upon booting up WinXP PC, I can get past the screen to access BIOS, CMOS, et al. {by hitting 'delete' at the right time} to the next screen where it shows my hardware [primary master-HDD, prim slave-CD,sec master-CD-RW, et al.] and a PCI device listing [IRQ's], but then it says 'boot from ATAPI CD-ROM' twice and then it says 'A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart'.

To me it sounds as if my HD may not be working correctly, but I am not sure. I have an IBM Deskstar [Deathstar?] 60GB, 7200RPM which may be prone to problems -- I've read a few reviews on them.

I have tried my XP disk where it will go into Windows setup to a recovery console [I don't want to reload XP just yet since I think that will erase the HD] where after about ten minutes it came back with a "C:\>" after which I typed in "dir" and about ten minutes later it said, "An error occurred during directory enumeration" then came back with a "C:\>".

It is not currently recognizing my floppy [drive A] and my two CD drives are listed as "PIO 4" devices and it says "DDR SDRAM: 0" I don't remember seeing that when the PC was running fine.

Does anyone have any ideas? I had just paid $150 to get it working for a few hours before it started doing this [ the original problem was that it was EXTREMELY slow in booting up].
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Windows Access

I think you might be right, It sounds like the hard drive may be generating read errors for whatever reason.

I would suggest you boot to a floppy with scandisk on it and see what errors scandisk finds on that hard drive. If you dont have a boot floppy go to and create one. You will however have to get scandisk to do this check.

It may be too late to save your data if the errors are so numerous that you can't even do a dir of the drive. If thats the case you could fdisk the drive and see if it would reformat properly.

How old is the drive?
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Another approach on the hard drive is to get the drive testing program from the manufacturer's site to evaluate the drive. I have had drives reformat and install properly, but not pass the certification test.

I don't know if you dig around inside computers on your own or not. I would also check that all the cards and cables are properly seated.

I would also consider returning where you had the original work done and see what follow up can be provided. It seems that whatever was done did not take. There can be more learned from that provider.

I would price a new hard drive and consider that what is on the current drive may be lost.

What were you told about what was done to the computer when it was worked on previously? When it was running slow: viruses, spyware, components?
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it sounds like it is trying to boot from the cd rom. Go into the bios(by hitting the delete key at appropriate time) and make sure the hard drive is listed correctly(as first master) and that boot order shows it as first device to try.
it says "DDR SDRAM: 0"
is this the type of ram you have? does it show up during post with everything else? Try reseating it. Also, check all the cables and reseat them.

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Thanks for the advice, after checking the connections and reseating my RAM, I have lost power to boot up. I have a red LED on my motherboard, but nothing else.

I did try to use the program from IBM website, but wouldn't run on the floppy or the CD that I burned.

The harddrive was manufactured in '02 so it's not that old.

I do have DDR RAM.

When I asked the technician if it was a virus he said 'no, it was some kind of software glitch', but he sounded kind of like he was guessing/unsure.

Isn't the floppy normally the first in line on a boot up?
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Boot order.

The drives can be booted in any order selected in the BIOS. The computer checks one after another looking for a bootable medium.

Hope this helps.
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Are you seeing anything when you turn the computer on? Do you get a POST screen? Are you able to get into CMOS?

If not, then you either have a bad Mobo or you have bad RAM.
Does the computer beep at all when you turn it on?

You may want to try removing everything from the computer except for the items needed to boot (CPU, RAM, Video Card), just to see if it will run POST.

If it runs POST, then one of your components is killing the system.
Try adding them back one at a time to see which is the culprit.

Good luck!
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Well, when I wrote the reply, there was literally ONLY a red LED on the MoBo, nothing else -- almost as if it was getting just enough power to light the LED and not power anything else.

... I then screwed up the troubleshooting process by not closely paying attention when I removed two connectors labeled 'LED power' and 'Power SW' from three pin seats labled: 'SL', 'SW', and 'PWR LED' {pins 1 thru 4} and am not sure how the connectors were seated and I have misplaced my MoBo manual and cannot find it online.

The above pins are connected to a small ribbon cable [about eight wires] which ends up at the front of the case -- near the power-up button.

Currently, I can power it up and it will simply give me a 4 second beep {approx} but no screen.

I have an AZZA 366X-AS MoBo if anyone knows where to find a manual. Nothing on the AZZA website and nothing on
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4 second beep
Bad memory. if you have more than one stick of ram try alternating them in slot 0 to see if one of them will work.

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