Remote host?

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Remote host?

I am running two computers with windows XP home one is a laptop and the other a desk top I am running the laptop wireless thru a router.
Both my wife and I are on at the same time under different screen names. OH I forgot we have a DSL connection.
Some times she gets the boot on the desk top and it says a remote host has interrupted or connection or something like that. What is that all about? do we have a virus or something? Both computers are on line but one gets the boot and I stay on.
How can I check if my fire wall is on and will that have any effect on this problem?
Thanks a zillion for all the great help.
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A host is any computer that you conenct to.

Remote means not local.

When a connection is terminated by the remote host, it means that the computer you are connected to has terminated the connection.

I assume you are running both computers through the router? You did not say this, so please specify if this is not the case, and tell us how the desktop is connected to the internet.
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Yes both computers are going thru the router using AOL DSL thru a phone jack.
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more info

Hi Barbara here, sometimes the desk top computer is the only one running and I get the boot with the message remote host has signed me off, We also have problems with the setting for signing online. Remote host resets it? Even though we have DSL our computer is slow at times connecting to sites.

This happens to both computers but mainly the desk top for it is used most of the time while the lap top is turned off. I have installed ad-ware, spyhunter and spybot they did find some problems but I'm not sure how to use these without causing more problems. These are only downloaded on the desk top.

I have not downloaded anything on the laptop from online or disk everything is original and it was purchased in Dec, 2003 so it's only a month old and it has also had the same problem with the remote host booting me off but no problems with signing online set up being messed with.

Thanks, Barbara
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Dump your catch files, and dump your cookies as well. I bet that will speed things up.
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Ad aware should be updated then run daily to find the spyware, which should be deleted. This should help speed things up.

I guess your anti-virus is current as well.

If you have DSL through AOL and are being dropped by the remote host, it is likely a problem with AOL maintaining the connection.
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Aol used to have a time out disconnect for inactivity. Dont know if they have that for dsl?

Go to keyword: dsl help

From AOL:
Check physical connections
This sounds simple, but don’t just skip this step! Many of our technicians resolve DSL problems simply by asking members to check that their cables are connected tightly and to the right equipment.

Connect the DSL modem to the power and phone jacks.
-Make sure the DSL modem is securely connected to the phone jack – most jacks will “click” when the plug is properly connected.
-Remember; do not put a filter on the line that connects to your DSL modem.
-Be sure to install the provided line filters on all other phone jacks, including empty jacks, other phones, fax machines, caller-ID boxes – even alarm systems.
-Make sure the electrical plug is seated correctly and is connected to an active power outlet. (Check wall switches to make sure the outlet has power.)
-If you have more than one phone line, make sure that you connect the DSL modem to a jack for the phone number that was set up to receive DSL.

Connect the DSL modem to your computer.
There are two ways to connect the DSL modem to your computer: Ethernet and USB. An Ethernet cable looks like a regular telephone jack, but is a little wider and often labeled "Ethernet," "ENet," or "10base-T". If the Ethernet cable doesn’t connect easily, stop and make sure you’re not trying to connect the cable to a regular phone jack for your computer’s phone modem. If your computer doesn’t have an Ethernet connection, you can connect to the USB port, which is a flat skinny connector that is usually located on the back of your computer.

Reset your DSL modem
This is another troubleshooting step that sounds simple, but solves 25% of our DSL connectivity problems. You should always try this before contacting us for further assistance.

To reset most DSL modems:
1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the modem.
2. Restart your computer and wait two and a half minutes.
3. Plug the power cord back into the back of the modem.

If your DSL modem is inside your computer, then just restart your computer to reset the DSL modem. You can restart your computer by going to Start, Shutdown, and select restart.

Close conflicting programs
Close any programs that might be conflicting with AOL or your DSL modem. The detailed instructions below vary slightly depending on what version of Windows you have on your computer:

Close conflicting programs in Windows 2000 or XP
1. Right-click the Windows Task Bar that is located in the top right-hand corner or bottom right-hand corner of your screen, then click Task Manager.
2. Select a Program other than America Online, then click End Task. The program will disappear from the list. If you receive a message that a program is not responding, click on End Task.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the only program listed is America Online, then click the X in the upper right corner to close the Task Manager window.

Download and install updated DSL modem drivers
To download the most current DSL modem drivers, follow these instructions:
1. On the AOL toolbar, click on the KEYWORD button.
2. In the Keyword box, type DSL MODEM INSTALL then click on GO.
3. Click on the Operating System you have.
4. Click on the DSL Modem you have.
NOTE: Please read the installation directions before installing.
5. Click on “Download” to get the software.
6. Select a Directory to download to and make a note of it, then click on SAVE. The download will begin.

NOTE: When the download is complete, click on Yes to locate the file. Close AOL and AOL for Broadband, and then double-click on the file to install the new drivers.
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If Spybot and adaware have found problems have them fix the problems. Make sure you update both programs. I would also put Spybot and adware on the other computer. A lot of new computers have software that comes with them that has Spyware in it. That will slow your computer down. Do you have Anti-Virus programs installed? If not here is a free anti-virus program that I use and it works great no need to buy one.
I also recommend using Adaware and Spybot and not the spyhunter. Is spyhunter the program that tells you that you have bad things (usually false positives) on your computer and then wants money to delete them?
Also I would contact your ISP about getting booted.

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