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MS Office dynamic content

I am trying to set the header of my file to be dynamic. I was thinking of a mail merge to a file, or using an image that auto updates on load of the document.

The reason is I have a header for my stationary that will appear on many of my documents. This header may change, and if/when it changes I want it to change on all the documents when I open them.

Does anyone know how I can do this? Mailmerge won't really work for what I am trying to do... and I can't figure out how to make a picture update it's self.
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When you define the header of the pages, it seems that you can link to another file and change that as needed so that it adds the correct version on the fly when the page prints.
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You are asking about OLE.

OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding.

When you insert a picture into a document, the default is for the object (the picture) to be embedded. That means that it is copied into the document. This is easier to manage, but means that the document becomes larger if you embed numerous pictures. It also means that the priginal picture can be deleted or moced or whatever.

However, if you link an object instead of embedding it, then only the filename (including the location) is put into the document. This allows for smaller documents, but it means that that the original picture cannot be changed (unless you want it changed) or moved, or it will effect the document.

Make sure that when you insert the picture that you link it, not embed it.

If you don;t know how to do this, then try online help. Different office products use different key strokes or mouse clicks to indicate the difference.
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It sounds like what you are wanting to do is use scripting to dynamically change your header. For example:
On Monday, Header A would be diplayed.
On Tuesday, Header B is displayed.

I know MS Excel supports VB scripting, that may be an option. I'm not sure if MS Word or other progs support VB or not. Of course, the big problem with that is writing the script - if you're not familiar with scripting, you may want to try the Help or Google to see if you can find a script that will do what you wan to do.

Object Linking may work, but the problem is that your picture is not going to be dynamic (IOW, it's not going to change according to certain parameters), it's simply going to change when you edit the picture. Let's say you have a picture named "picture1.jpg" that you want to use for your header. If you link it, then you would use "picture1.jpg" in the header - when you edit "picture1.jpg" then your header in your files will change. However, if you use scripting to say on Monday, use "picture1.jpg", on Tuesday use "picture2.jpg", etc. - then you don't have to keep changing your pictures. You would just set them up once and they will change according to the day or week or time or whatever you setup. Of course, that procedure is much more complicated

Maybe if you tell us more about what you want to do we can be more help - and possibly find something that will help or work.

Good luck!
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Chfite, That's great if possible, but how?

Racraft, I'll give linking a shot... but as far as the description goes, I an think of no way to better describe my goal except what I already stated. I'm going to give your image linking trick a shot and see what happens. Any suggestions on the necessary steps to make this happen in WordXP?

Safe, actually that's not quite what I was trying to do (monday tuesday etc). Changing when I edit the picture is good enough for me.

I'll keep ya guys posted. Thanks!
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Ok the linking seemed to work. I created a bmp named test.bmp then I opened word and did the following:

Insert > Object > Create from file > Browse > test.bmp

and I clicked the box "Link to file"

It showed my test.bmp perfectly. Then I saved the word doc and closed it. I changed the test.bmp to something visibally different and saved it. I then re-opened the word doc and the change was visible so this is perfect.

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