ready to build


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ready to build

thanks to your advice, i am building a tower. here is what i am going with. please voice your opinion as to brands or if my selections could be upgraded at a reasonable cost

2.5 ghz processor or higher
motherboard to match (need advice here)
120 gig hd 5400 rpm
cd dvd rw 48x24x16x48
1gig ddr (2dimm) ...this is the ram?
front access ports
audio card...soundblaster
128mb video card
minimum 350 watt pwr supply (does this come with the case?)
floppy drive

can i get win98, i find it easiest to use should i get xp office, pro or home? using it for home use
norton anti virus

of course all the periphials, monitor, etc.
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What type of processor are you looking to use Intel or AMD?
This will help in the motherboard selection.

For the hard drive get at least one with 7200rpm and a 8mb cache

Ram is ram just don't buy generic (note win98 will not like 1gb of ram) it will work but you have to modify the registry to make it work right.

Soundblaster?? What version? Go with SB Live at the bare minimum.

ATi or Nvidia Video card??

you'll want to get at least a 350watt PS but 450watts or more would be better. ( Think of the future and possible upgrades you will make) Some cases come with Power supplies some don't if it does it will state it.

As for software I assume you mean Windows Xp Home or Professional Edition the Operating System. Office is a word processing,database,spreadsheet software. Home will work fine.

If you plan on getting Norton Antivirus I recommend you get the whole systemworks bundle. Lots of good utilites in there.

I don't know how much your looking to spend on your system but give a few more details and I'm sure we can get you on your way.
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AS far as operating systems go, i went from win 98 to win 2000 pro to win XP pro
Win Xp pro or home is great..I think you would be very please and its very easy to use.
It has a Restore feature, which can " Sometimes get you out of some messes..
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Just built my own, did a lot of shopping at
Bought the P4P800 Deluxe Asus motherboard and used the Intel P4 2.6 gig processor. Got them for about $300 total. I love it and my video capturing works with no problems. I use Pinaccle software for video editing and it is very problematic. First one I built, it booted up the first time.
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I would love to try and build a computer someday...I find you can buy them cheaper, but thats not the can custom build it the way you want it .
Really though >>>>I am in the middle of building a computer i had no intentions of.
My sons computer quit working...sparks where seen instead ..and thinking all he needed was a new power supply was very nieve, on my part.
I dont know alot about computers, but after playing around for 2 weeks i am getting to know them better.
It looks like we will be replacing everything...I am not sure if the processor is any good..
I bought a new Asus Motherboard and now i need to find a Video card...If anybody has any older parts ( 1999-2000) give me a email..also need ram and Hardrive..
well the case is ok anyways...LOL
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I built my own P4 2.5 GHz system about 1-1/2 years ago...still going strong. I have an MSI Motherboard that I have been very happy with. Asus is also good. There are many others. Toms Hardware Guide is a good reference. Go with a 7200 RPM dive minimum. I just use the onboard sound since my speakers stay off most of the time anyway. I would upgrade to XP.
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It just blows me away when i think of how a computer is so unprotected from the power supply..Any surge can ruin a very expensive computer.
Computers are the most sensitive electronic componets we have..

I had a Power supply go on this computer last yr and it probably did the right thing ...IT went POP..sounded like a gun going off...and all i had to do was replace the power supply.
But my sons computer...the power supply took out pretty well everything..DVD CDRW,30 gi Hard drive...motherboard and maybe processor.:
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That is why they make surge protectors and UPS!!!
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Do get a 7200 rpm hard drive.

No, you can't get Win 98 anymore. I'd either go with Win 2000 Pro or XP Pro. Which one depends on the software you currently have and whether it will run on XP Pro. Also depends on whether you can get drivers for external devices like a scanner.
XP will have drivers for most printers.

Check with the motherboard for the RAM. Some will only support 512K, though new mobo's should take a gig. The mobo will also tell you what type of RAM.
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I am not talking about surge protectors , they stablize the everyday spikes that you might get..
I am talking about the power coming from the power supply to the Motherboard and Hardware...there is nothing to protect these componets..If the power supply happens to go..then its luck of the draw. you might get lucky and only have to replace the power supply or .in our case, you might have to replace everything. And " YES we had a good Surge protector.its not that easy to hook a computer up with out one...YOu need sometimes two of them..And this surge protector tat we have the Phone line also runs through it.

I am hearing that power supplies are becoming more unstable...don't no if its true or not..but would not surprise me..Some Companies dont want to make things to last very long.
When i get this computer re-build i am going to add more fans, for cooling.
Heat is the biggest cause of breakdown, so this may help, and it might be cheap insurance..

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Sorry misunderstood your post Rick.

I would recommend buying a more expensive P.S. over a cheaper one. I get a lot of my parts from and I use the customer reviews to help me judge what to buy. I had bought a cheaper supply and it blew on me ( thank the lord thats all) Since then I have bought better and more expensive P.S. without any troubles.

My 2 cents =)
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Originally posted by BobF

No, you can't get Win 98 anymore.

Check with the motherboard for the RAM. Some will only support 512K, though new mobo's should take a gig. The mobo will also tell you what type of RAM.
You can still buy Win98!!! Check
Microsoft also is still supporting this product!

Most motherboards these days will support up to 2 - 3GB of ram

512K??? 512MB right?
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Win 98

I read that Microsoft web sight will not be supporting Win 98 anymore..if you need updates.
But i think they did say they are preparing a CD for people using older win systems to bring there PC up to date.

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I read that they changed their minds because so many other countries like 3rd world still use it.

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yes to 512mb

Yea, I meant 512mb.

A few months ago I was looking for Win2k. I could find lots of Win2K and XP, an occassional ME, but no Win98. Given that support will end a couple years, why would anyone spend good $$ on it? Espcially when building a new machine. New software (at least what I'm interested in) doesn't support Win98.

Win2K has a look and feel very similar to Win98. XP is different, but nothing one can't learn.

One thing I've learned: don't assume anything. It bites you every time
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Don't forget Win2003, of course that has the look and feel of XP. But still your point is well taken that the new OSs support the new software and hardware out there.

Getting the old OS just for convenience is just not going to get the most out of any new items you install. If you can install them due to the lack of proper source code to support legacy (read old) items!

Microsoft stopped supporting DOS with W2K, XP and newer OSs. Its time for the users to stop supporting DOS also. DOS is still a major portion of the Win9X series, poor memory management, and not all that flexible as a game machine. Erm, if I can paraphrase an old saying ... "Get into the 21st century."
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Windows 2003 is primarily a server platform.

XP is a vast improvement over 98. I would be quite reluctant to install 98 for anyone instead of XP, unless there were some compelling reasons.
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Yes, Win2003 is mainly for Server apps. Also keep in mind that XP has 2 versions - Home and Pro. Home is exactly that, intended for home use. While many people use Pro, it's mainly because they like the control it has - but, it's really intended for those who know what to do with that control. If you're used to 9x, go with the Home version - it's cheaper and has everything you need.

Good luck!
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I build computers all the time!!! I learned a little,

Once you said 2.5 Gig I realize you meant Pentium P4, Important, get it with hyperthreading and get a board that supports Hyper!!

2.4 is considered the sweet spot for P4's, price and performance wise, DDR ram 800 makes sense to me!!! Onboard sound is fine (AC 97) is very good onboard!!!

I would try to get an Intel Chipset on the board!!!

My fav board :
Abit - ONLINE ORDER ONLY - - Abit IC7 -Intel 875P / ICH5 RAID 800FSB DDR 400 5 PCI ATX AC 97 CODEC AGP PRO 8X/4X.
-SupportsIntel Pentium 4 Socket 478 processors with 800/533MHz FSB Serial ATA 150MB DDRATX form factor

Can use SATA drives down the line!!!

And XP either home or pro
NT technology better than 9X

Win 2003 is not for you , I use it but I used a kit to make it into a workstation!!!
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I have thought about building a computer also someday , getting all those special parts just made for you.
I find that it will cost alot more to build one than , if you just go out and buy one.,but i guess this dont matter, it is the challenge to build it and then you feel good of what you have accomplished.
I also think computers are getting easier to build...dont you? plug amd play , newer operating systems,Like XP, have less problems with compatability.
I went from win 98 to XP pro and the first thing i had to do was buy a new modem and sound card.I still have a 6.4 hardrive a 8 mg video card..and 300 mhz processor...
I have to agree with the previous letter about Abit motherboards...I have the Abit BH6 and its been great...Everybody seems to like Asus, but I think if i build i will stick with Abit..
Cheers Rick
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Build my own computers, always have, sometimes build for others.

Find the case you like, then throw away the power supply in it and buy an Enermax power supply. Then, make sure ALL the fans you use are ball bearing fans, not bushing models.
If your video card has a fan on it, order a replacement when you get the card.

Abit motherboards
Maxtor hard drives
Soundblaster sound cards (the Live and Audigy lines are both good)
ATI or nVidia video cards
Intel processors (no cooling issues as with AMD's)
Enermax power supplies
Keyboard/mouse is personal preference, but the Microsofts wireless kb/mouse bundle is a good setup for $80 and they have a newer model with more buttons for about $110
Flat screen LCD monitor is a must have, a 17" is only about $300
A good surge protector (one with a warranty), about $40
To finalize the list, I like the APC Back-UPS XS1500 UPS, about $250

Then, go to radio shack, buy some ty-wraps and self adhesive ty-wrap mounts and secure all those wires out of the way!

I've used these brands for years and have never had a failure, and my machines run 24/7/365
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Then, go to radio shack, buy some ty-wraps and self adhesive ty-wrap mounts and secure all those wires out of the way!
Or, Home Depot for about half the price
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My old computer

I bought this computer in 1998, and, the only thing i have did is upgrade to win XP, and increase the ram to 128meg.
This thing has been solid as a rock.
Intel PII 300A Celeron
Abit BH6
64PC 100 SDRam
Intel 8 meg video card
6.8 western Digital hardrive
32X CD rom panasonic
1.44 Panasonic Floppy
A open FM56 modem

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