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Question Domain name & website

We have our own cable isp at home ( on just our one computer.

We our partners in a small auction company that would like to have a domain name for website and email. This site would not sell anything. It would just provide general information, upcoming auction dates, current auction listings. No forms to fill out. Nothing very fancy except some photos of better items. Our computer is the only one who would have anything to do with the website and the email. That is my contribution to the partnership, my husband is one of the auctioneers.

The question is, how do we get a domain name? I can do a business site thru our cable isp, but the fees are more than we'd like to spend. And what they offer is more than we will ever need.

The next question is, that I recall someone once told me they got a domain name and email address thru a service that let them build their small business website using their private web space and then when someone entered the business web address, the service forwarded it right to their personal webspace instantly and did the same with the email. There was a fee involved, but I don't think it was very much.

Do you know about anything like this? Can you point me in the direction I need to go? Am I even explaining this so someone else can understand?

Thanks for any help.
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First, you need to make sure that your cable service allows this. MOST have all the usual web ports blocked, to prevent their customers from doing just this sort of thing.

I've got business cable at my home (cost exactly the same as home service, and has better support). It also is completely unblocked.

After that, you'll need to sign up for a domain name and DNS service (I've always had good service with

Once you've got that, you need a web server and a mail server. Both available in free versions, just choose carefully.

If you want something simular, such as just as building a website on your ISP's provided webspace and just having a business domain forwarded to it, then works well, it's just more expensive.

Just keep in mind that what your ISP's webspace can do will be far less than what you can provide for yourself.
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I will check out your suggestions.

With your business cable service, do you still have a "personal" email address that's separate from the business? Right now, my husband and I each have our own email address and log in under our own address for email. I would rather not have personal and business all together. If I lose our personal email addresses, then I'd have to inform all my personal contacts of the changes.

Thank you for the quick response.
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Yes, I have personal email addresses on my ISP's server, though I almost always used a personal address on the home server.
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I also use dotster. Never had any trouble with them.
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I am seeing that there are things I don't understand and could use some help. I know you register a domain name and pay an annual fee. I don't know what DNS service means.

What do you mean by "Once you've got that, you need a web server and a mail server. Both available in free versions, just choose carefully." What am I choosing exactly?

To make this simple for everyone. Let's say I use for registering a domain name. Then what happens next? Do I keep my cable service and then run the business website and email thru dotster? But how do I do that?

I have for cable. When I looked thru their business options, they only offer business accounts with DSL and DSL is not available in my area. (I live in a "rural county" and technology moves slower here. But everything is slower, so it is a great trade-off.)

I'm feeling pretty dumb about all of this. But I have no choice but to ask for help from all of you. I said I could do this, so I'd better learn what to do!

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Unless you just need a large amount of webspace (gigs), there's really not much advantage to setting-up a local web host. You would be much better served using a remote host.

I've used for over a year, and have been very happy with both their service and support. Plans start around $8/month - and they have a special right now to receive a free Domain Name.

There are several hosts out there for about the same price.

Good luck!
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There are other advantages to having your own server over just storage space. Truely, the only disadvatage is limited outgoing bandwidth, and unless you are expecting a lot of traffic, or make pages cluttered with graphics, even the bandwidth doesn't really present a problem.

Among the advantages of having your own server:
100%, complete control over your server, 20/7.
Instant access to your files, no need to upload page changes.
Ability to provide unlimted email/ftp accounts, with your own limits, at no cost.
Ability to install any software you choose, or module support you may need, and along with that, no need to wait hours for tech support to answer a question about where their mailserver is, or why they have /images/ mapped to their files when you were using it already.
And of course, no bandwidth or space limitations.

You should however plan on dedicating a machine to it (and it doesn't have to be a speed demon, just something adequate for the job, a p3-800 is enough to start), along with adequate power protection.

Assuming this route..
Once you've registered your domain, you'll want to add their DNS service to it (about $10 a year, as I recall). You'll then map the subdomains you will be using to your ip address.
If you get to that point, I'll post an full example of how that is setup.

Check out and do a search for web servers and mail servers. Setting all this up can be a great learning experience.
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I want to thank you for all your help and suggestions. I've done research and reading and understand more about webhosting and domains now.

We have bought our domain name and have decided to webhost with since that is our cable service. Their service will give us all we need for our site.

I have put up a basic one page site now just to get online and let our customers know. We have auctions coming up soon and I'm now working on the expanded version of the site that will list the items for sale and some photos.

We hope this will expand our customer base and make our auctions not only more profitable, but more fun. That's the main thing about our auction company, we like everyone to have a good time.

Again, thanks for you help. I'm so happy I found these forums. they have helped me with several projects.

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