Naughty page in my boot up


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Naughty page in my boot up

I somehow have this porn page appearing in my booting up of the computer. How can I remove this page in my start up sequence of the computer. I know spyware has something to do with it, and have spyguard and spyblaster recognizing it, but it still comes up in the computer booting. Thanks if you can help.
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You need to explain what "appearing in my booting up" means.

Is this opening in a browser window? Is some other windows program opening up and diplaying this picture? Is this the same picture all the time? Is this picture physically on your computer, or is it coming from some Internet location? Is this picture appearing as the desktop background picture? Does the picture automatically disappear, or do you have to close the window it appears in?

Once you identify where the picture is coming from it will be much easier to get rid of it.
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I sound redundant

But Pest Patrol will take it out !!!!



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you can go for a free scan here:
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opens a web browser

Hi racraft
Back to my naugty page that opens up during the booting of the computer. It actually is a browser page that opens up and says "Erotic Access". Now in the web bar at the top, it has So I don't know how to find it. I did go to Petscan for a free pest scan. Found other stuff but could not locate this one. Sometimes my homepage will automatically be set to . Anyhow, any other suggestions? If I get to frustrated, I think I will use my "Configsafe" program and take my computer back to "Factory Fresh" when I first got it. Thanks - golfnut

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Pest Patrol

I had a search engine that took over my internet explorer. I would change my home page and it would change it back every time and had porn pop ups and added porn sites to my favorites, I would delete them and they came right back the next time I opened IE. I posted on here and imjerry suggested pest patrol and I got the free scan and it found things but nothing that lead me to beleive it found this pest but I did end up installing Pest Patrol and after downloading the up dates and running it, it was gone and I had my computer back
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do not install anything unless you know exactly what it is and all the extra programs that come along with it. In otherwords READ all those message you normal skip thru on installs. READ all the information about the program.

On another note stay away from those porn sites too )
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The IP address is a very special one and is reserved to point to your own machine. So in this case the page is actually on your machine. Whoever did this placed the page on your machine and then made the homepage point to this.

You can seach your hard disk for all instances of index.html and find the offending page this way. Just delete it and rediect your browser to point to another home page.

I don't think you need any spyware software to remove this one.
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Install and update spybot search and destroy and search for virus files.

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