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Red face registry

hello guys and gals,
can anyone tell me if there is a program that can trace or tell me where a specific registry key is pointing to? i think i am explaining myself to. for instance, i am in regedit, there is a name that i don't recognize. so, i open the folder and there is the key. now, i am still not sure what this is associated with. so, i need something that will track the key back to the program or folder that it is associated to. i hope i am making some sense here. that is about the best i can explain it. hope someone can help with this. i have several entries in my registry that i'm not sure what they go to. and yes, i do know what i am doing in the registry. just doing a little clean up work. because registry cleaner and all them other programs do a good job, but they do not do the best job. thanks in advance for any and all assistance with this matter. have a good day. DALE
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For the most part, you can tell what program or service the key refers to by it's key structure - IOW, the directory tree of keys above it.

If it's in a general purpose directory, like Run or Run Service, then the key itself should be pointing to a particular file.

Maybe you should tell us the key you are talking about (key directory/structure) and we could go from there.
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Wow! Somebody else besides me scrolls through their registry on the search for unwanted or useless keys. It really bugs me to know that when I’m surfing, many sites are writing stuff to my hard drive. I make it easy for them to do this via Active X and Java Scripting. I’m paranoid about it, even though I know it makes the Internet “experience” possible through the income derived. If I click on the Lowes ad in DYI, will I also get a tracking cookie written to my hard drive? Will I for the next month be getting E-mails from Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware because I’ve been identified as a tool nut? I’m running WinXp, duly registered with Microsoft who now knows more about the internals of my PC than I do. Hi, Mr. G!

Out there, somewhere, exist files that know me not as a person but as an address. These files exist to serve ads to me based on my surfing habits. I got them fooled, every time I visit a Tool site, I also visit a Breast Feeding site. Every time I visit a SUV site, I visit an Environmental site. The last spam I got had a picture of a young mother driving a pick-up truck with a shotgun in the back and a “Save Our Forests” bumper sticker. I’m at a loss to explain the “Enlarge Your @#$%” mail.
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The best thing you can do when trying to figure out what a key is pointing to is to Google for exactly what the key is. 99.9% of the time, you will find it, and will get an explanation of what it does, and removal instructions. If you'd rather post the key value here, I can look it up for you, and get back to you.


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