Think I fried my CD


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Think I fried my CD

OK, must first apologize as I am definitley a rookie in this forum. During my multigenerational attempt to load a PCI adapter into my old PC, I somehow managed to do something which caused the CD drive to start opening and closing on its own non stop.

And yes it was amusing for the frst 10 minutes, scared the dog pretend remote control by finger with the kids etc. But after I discovered that the drive is was no longer listed in my computer, I quickly came to my senses.

I ran my Norton system works 2004, no problems discovered but upon rebooting received several error messages along the lines of older drivers in use newer ones can no longer be found.

I really do not no what the problem is, suggestions would be most appreciated.
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What operating system? Processor? How old is the computer?

PCI adapter. Did you add a PCI card to your computer to add this CD drive? If so, how many drives total do you have on this machine and if more than 4, does the power supply support this many?

Do you have the correct drivers for the added card?

Is this the same CD drive as was in it before or is a salvage from another machine? Did this drive work before? How old is the drive?

If you plugged the IDE cable into the connectors, are all of the pins unbent? Is the connection seated properly? Is the cable properly oriented? Check the key in the connector.

Driver errors. What drivers? Uninstall the relevant drivers and install the proper drivers. Corrupt driver files are common and are the first suspects in the line up.

Are the virus signatures current in Norton?
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Also, did you try removing the PCI Card (and taking the computer back to the way it was) and see if the CD Drive works again?
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Woke up to find a slew of questions, do my best to give you the full picture. I picked up a new PC and thought I would make the old PC a game and internet only for the kids with a shared printer. Using Linksys modem, wireless G router and PCI adapter to share receive the signal.

Old PC is Win98SE, Pentium II, 550MGZ, 68GB. The PC is 6 years old, I installed a new 60 GB maxtor hard drive kept the original western digital drive as a slave. Has 120MB RAM, I installed a new CD ROM and CD writeable 2 years ago and put in a new power supply last year when the old one went caput.

The old PC was working properly, although it would hang occassionally. I had this computer hooked into the modem with a USB connection since it did not have an ethernet card, was running zone alarm as my firewall.
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Sorry forgot a few things, I did remove the PCI card did not see any issues with it. This wa s my first fix attempt. Yes, I have the correct drivers for the card.

Yes, the virus signatures were current.

In addition to hanging ocassionally, the old PC was low on virtual memory, many, many, many 3-7 year old kid games.
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the new HDD

I don't think its the pci unless you put that in the wrong slot.
What is suspicious is that you added a new HDD at the same time. Double check your cables for both hard drives and the CD drive. Are the hard drives on the same cable and the CD on the second cable?
Aside from the cd-rom acting up, does the pc act ok? Can you get on the net with it?

You may want to disconnect the cd-rom to test the other connections.
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I was only adding the PCI card when things went astray the new hard drive is 4 years old.

I did inadvertantly remove the Hauppage TV card instead of the PCI card at one point.

I checked all cables even removed and reinstalled the power supplies on the CD just to ensure that I had good connections.

The PC is now set up exactly as it was before I started this install net of broadband access through the USB.

Basically, I am totaly confused as to what caused the problem but would sure like to understand/confirm if the CD is gone. Trying to balance new component costs to make this sucker work vs buying another low end model to serve the intended purpose.
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1. open your computer case and loosen the screw of the cd rom.
sometimes to tight of a screw can mess it up
2. check your startup items in run --> msconfig.exe ---startup tab delete suspected items
3. check viruses and trojans from safe mode
4. try changing the cd rom with another one, or in a different computer
5. Check to make sure nothing is in the drive causing it to reopen
6. repalce with brand new cd rom :-)
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I disconnectedthe CD Rom and the error messages in start up went away, I dragged the old PC over to the modem and reconnected the USB got into the internet and went to windows update nothing required.

I guess the CD rom just got cooked and lack of signal was creting the problems???????

So now I need a new CD ROM on my 6 year old PC, although the hard drive is only 4 years old, I still need memory, plus I'm running Win98se and I still have a 6 year old mother board.

Any recommendations as to whether I should bite the bullet and get a new low end model for the kids or buy a CD ROM, more memory plus whatever else comes up in the next two years or so?
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Probably be best to just buy a new one. Stick the Maxtor drive in the new one as extra storage.
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Thanks to everyone for the help/suggestions

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