SBC wont answer, cant get DSL

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SBC wont answer, cant get DSL

I cant get dsl, been trying for years. 2 months ago at&t sent me notice I that I could get it, but while ordering the goods they emailed me and said, "there is a eletronic pair gain somewhere between the pole and the switching station" (its like a power booster for the telephone) that sbc must remove first. I live in a sort of near the end of a line area. There is new housing going up all around my older subdivision, and they can get dsl, EVERYONE EXCEPT MY SIDE OF THE BLOCK AND THE PEOPLE BEHINDE US can get it. Direct tv wants $600. up front plus a $400. disconect fee if I dont like thier set up.
Cable high speed sucks as per others on this site as well as a radio talk specalist.
Does any one know how to get an answer from SBC (phone company) as to when I might get a ball park answer to when, In my last message to them I asked if they would ask the janitor that cleans the corporate lunch room if he heard anything. All I ever get is a run around, and I have called every one they said to plus many emails to assorted departments.
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I don't know how to help but wish you luck.

As for your comments about cable Internet, you may or may not be correct, depending upon where you live.

I had cable Internet for three years and it was fine. I never had a serious problem, and connection speed was great. My church has cable Internet now, and they don't have any problems. My company had cable for several years and they didn't have a problem (we only switched because we moved and cable was not available in our new building).

I now have DSL, but only because it is $10.00 per month cheaper.

If DSL raises their rate or cable lowers theirs (to make cable a better deal) then I will not hesitate to switch back to cable.

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Cable high speed sucks as per others on this site as well as a radio talk specalist.
I'm not sure where you got that? The general consensus here seems to be that the 2 are pretty much the same - as Bob mentioned, it varies by area. But, for the most part, they are essentially the same.

You could give it a try - tell the Cable company you just want to try it out (some of the new plans require contracts - I wouldn't go that route.) Although, you tend to get a better rate ($19/month for the first 3 months in this area) if you sign-up for 12 months or so.

Good luck!
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I have Cable, and in general in my area, Cable is faster then DSL. Cable got a back rap a couple years back for slowing down when a lot of users in the same area used it at the same time. I've gotten the impression that a lot of cable companies rectified this by adding different routing and governing bandwidth.

I actually have the choice between Cable and DSL right now, and with DSL I can get 768 down and 256 up.

My cable typically screams along at 3mbps down and close to 1mbps up.

Given the choice between No DSL, DirecWay or Cable, I'd definitely at least try Cable.

As for the pair gain, I had the same problem when I first got DSL and the telco was happy to come out and fix it, I had to put a call into them and explain the situation to them. It wouldn't hurt to call them up and explain the situation and see if they can help you out.

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