Can't defrag...


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Can't defrag...


I have been having some computer challenges lately... Ran a skandisk (Thorough w/ Fix errors box checked) and the results show 13513 KB total, 40960 bytes in bad sectors, 1689184 clusters.

After running the scandisk, I usually will defrag. Last defrag was two or three weeks ago and everything seemed to run fine, but agter the latest scandisk, the drfrag will start up showing that it is Checking Drive for errors. Usually gets to about 4%, then restarts the defrag. this has happened on 4 separate occasions. I have re-run the thorough scandisk and still can't get past 4% in the defrag - left the last one running over 4 hours.

I have a nasty feeling that the bad sectors are affecting a lot of the programming - tried re-installing the OEM Windows 98 SE that came with the computer, but got an error message that the sound card software wasn' installed properly or something like that.

Question is, I guess... what have I done & what should I do.

Computer is a PIII, 450 MHz, 256 DDR SDRAM, 13 Gig Hard Drive, Windows 98SE

Any suggestions?


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If you want to reinstall windows then you will need to completely start over. Make a boot disk, reformat the hard disk and start from scratch.

Don;lt try to reinstall windows on a bad hard drive without either replacing the hard drive or completely reformating the old one.
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You need to replace the hard drive, bad sectors are bad spots on the drive, and you'll only get more of them as time goes on. Download the hard drive test utility from the manufacturers website and run it, likely the drive will fail.
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And, it *might* yet be under warranty, and you can RMA it! Not likely though, as you're using 98 on PIII. But heck, why not check? :P
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That's kinda what I thought... Thanks all for your help.

I'll probably end up reformatting first and reloading the software. But I have a feeling I'll be buying a new hard drive soon...

Thank goodness I've got another computer to play on

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windows 98 is notorious for these types of problems. try running the scandisk and defrag from safemode. just because you have bad sectors doesn't necessarily mean that the drive is going. I had a drive that was just a few weeks old and it got accidentally "bumped" and this created bad spots. the drive worked for years after(might even still have it laying around). Do keep a watch on it, and if it gets any worse, then replace the drive.
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Just the same, it does not hurt to run the manufacturer's utility to verify the drive. It may still work and yet fail the certification test. If it fails the test and is still under warranty, the manufacturer will replace it. Some drives have a 4 year warranty. It is usually printed on the top of the hard drive itself.

I replaced a drive this way on my daughter's computer. The drive started to act up. It still ran fine most of the time. I ran the certification program and got a failure report with a page to print and send along to the manufacturer. A couple of weeks later a new drive showed up in the mail.
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