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Question PDA Help

Okay, this one should be easy. A friend of mine has a Sony Clie FJ33 (or I believe that's the model number). Anyway, he dropped it a couple of times and now the view screen has a couple of cracks in it. The LCD is still in tact but the device doesn't register any screen initiated things (i.e. when using the stylus, or tapping as some people commonly do). Sony wanted $160 flat rate just to look at it. Radio Shack, who outsources the repairs, wants about $200. The darned thing only cost him $220 new. So, he cracked it open himself to take a look and see whether or not the whole LCD would have to be replaced or just the view screen (the glass that protects the LCD). He was able to remove the glass but there's some sort of flat wire (we suppose it is used to pick up the touch of the stylus, which would make sense b/c the crack separated the screen so instead of it being one contiguous view screen it is now a fragmented thing). He detached the wire and reattached it on another part of the screen to see if the stylus would work in if it were in another area where the glass had not been broken. It did not work. How and where should it be reattached once he finds a new view screen and will it ever work again assuming he does reattach it properly? Any thoughts, clues, ideas, experiences, etc.? Thanks all!

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I would buy a new one but that is just me. It seems to me it is really damaged and the cost to repair it would not be far from the price of buying it. I guess your best bet is to by a new one. Thats what I would do. However, the mods in here may have advice for you to fix it.
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Out of the PDAs that I have broken, none was sent for repair. When the screen is gone, it is gone. Like a laptop computer. Best advice is to buy a new one. It seems to make little sense to repair this one.
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The No. 1 repair need is for cracked screens, the companies say. The thin film of glass, or "digitizer," covering a PDA's liquid crystal display was never meant for rough treatment.

"Even if you drop it on a carpet, there's a high probability of cracking a screen," said Staley, who fixes more than 2,000 units each month. "It's not just Palms. It's the same for any PDA manufacturer."

Of the 20 to 30 repairs done by STNE each week, "99 percent of it is user foul-ups involving the PDA screen," says Stillwell. "Sometimes we can fix the screen with new glass, but other times the LCD needs to be replaced, too."

Either way, screen repairs at STNE range between $60 and $129 much less than the cost of a replacement. Turnaround time is usually 24 hours, he says.

At GetHighTech, Staley charges a flat $20, nonrefundable diagnostic fee for all units sent into the company headquarters. If a complete screen replacement is needed, costs range from a low of $50 for Palms to a high of $70 for Handspring Visors in addition to the $20 diagnosis.

Get high tech:

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All I'll say is:

I'm on my fifth PDA in life and have NEVER fixed one. 99% of the time when they break, they're gone. Period. Time for a new one.


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