Messed up screen for computer games


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Messed up screen for computer games

Hi. I'm david josephs child, nathan. i'm twelve years old, and i am very familiar w/ computers, and usually don't have these kind of problems. however, i went to play the backyard games, yet it appears as thought the screen is to small. information on the four edges of the computer are being cut off. there is no way to increase the computers size, but is there someway to decrease the games size. or, is there something else i can do to fix this problem. it is not that big of a deal, but it still is annoying and a way to fix it would be great. i've tried changing the size of the regualr screen, but it has no affect. ive also tried reinstalling it. the problem remains. i no its not the game, because it usually works, but something in the computer is wrong. please help me

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If this is windows, right click on the desktop, select properties. Find the tab for screen resolution and see that it is set properly. It sounds as if the game is running 1024 and the desktop setting is 640 or so. In any event, the picture is larger than the screen will allow, as you have seen.

Hope this helps.
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Hi Nathan. My son also plays the backyard games. he has baseball and football and loves them both.

When you right click on the desktop, make sure that you right click on an area of the desktop that does not have an icon, and not sirectly over any open windows. If you right click on an icon and select properties you will see the properties for the icon. If you right click on an open window you may or may not get a menu, depending on what portion of the window the mouse is over.

When you right click on the desktop the meu will have entries for arranging the icons, and several other things. Properties is usually at the bottom. On most versions of Windows, the tab to select to set the screen resolution is called settings, or sometimes screen settings.

There should also be information in the instructions for the backyard games on how to set the screen resolution also.

Good luck, and let us know if you were successful.

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