Registry Checker problem

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Registry Checker problem

I was helping a friend on his computer to unisnstall some spyware that had downloaded itself. He is running Windows 98. We selected Remove from the Add/Remove programs, but the computer froze in the middle of uninstalling. We had to hit the big button and shut it down. When we rebooted the computer, a Registry Checker dialog box came up saying it found an error in the Registry and could not access it. So Windows would fix it. We said "OK", the computer restarted and the same Registry error message came back. The problem now is that it is an endless cycling of rebooting. The only way we can work within the computer is to Ctl.-Alt-Del. the registry program and end task. Then everything seems to be OK. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix the Registry Checker? It obviously is not checking the registry and fixing the problem. Is it Spyware or is it a computer glich? If anyone has any ideas, we would appreciate some direction. Thanks - jjgolfer500

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You should always keep a backup copy of the registry available so that if this happens you can recover.

You may be able to reipair the Windows installation, using the original installation CD (or disks), or you may end up completely reinstalling Windows. if you do have to reinstall Winddows then I recommend reformatting the hard drive and starting over completely from scratch.
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I would reinstall Windows, but would NOT reformat. Try the reinstall overtop what's there. If it works, great. If not and you then have to format the only thing you lost was an hour. Reinstall first.

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From Microsoft:;EN-US;q186909

When Windows starts, the Registry Checker tool may display the following message:
Windows registry is damaged. Windows will restart and try to fix the problem.
When you click OK, you may receive the same message when Windows restarts.
This problem can occur if there is defective memory in your computer. A defective memory chip may damage the registry in memory. The Windows-based (or protected-mode) version of Registry Checker (Scanregw.exe) scans the registry in memory for damage.

When this issue occurs, Scanregw.exe detects that the registry is damaged in memory and marks the registry as damaged so that the real-mode Scanreg.exe is run the next time the computer starts. Scanreg.exe may not detect any damage if the defective memory is not used in real mode, and may allow Windows to start normally.
Then they say to try using known good memory, or to use 'Limit Memory To' to eliminate the higher memory blocks.
Also for future info:

To restore the registry: reboot, hold down the Ctrl key until the Startup menu appears, choose Command prompt only and enter

scanreg /restore

at the C:\> prompt.
Select a backup (with the arrow keys) that predates the problem and hit the Enter key. When done hit the Enter key again to activate a restart of your computer.

Note: If holding down the Ctrl key as the machine boots does not bring up the Startup menu, reboot and continually tap on the F8 key until the menu appears. Not all machines recognize the CTRL key method.
About The Registery backup:
Windows 98, by default, keeps backups of Registry and other critical files for the last five days you have booted your computer. A backup is made on the first boot of each day, replacing the oldest backup. Only one backup per day is created, but no backup is created unless you reboot. The daily backup is created at startup or reboot because scanregw.exe is briefly run from the registry on every boot. Note: Turning off 'Scan Registry' in the Startup tab of the System Configuration Utility (Msconfig.exe) will turn off your registry backups.

The backup files are stored in C:\Windows\Sysbckup as compressed .cab files having the name, where "x" can be 0 to 5. At any given time only five of the six possible numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) will exist.

The files backed up besides the two registry files (System.dat and User.dat) are: system.ini, and win.ini.

The applications or programs Windows 98 has for making backups are Scanregw.exe for use in Windows, and Scanreg.exe for use in "real mode" DOS. However, restoring must always be done from DOS with Scanreg.exe.

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