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Talking Build a New Computer

I need some help to get a motherboard + case any suggestions .

Looking for some reasonable price

Thanks !!!
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A bit more info would help. How much do you want to spend,what kind of processor(intel,amd),how fast a processor,how much memory, do you want S.A.T.A. drives or plain ide, or scsi? Will you want to overclock? Built in sound or lan or video, or add ons? What will be the main use of this computer? That would help alot.
have you checked out ?
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Tae is right. It's hard for us to just throw out suggestions at random. Definitely check out Pricewatch. It's the best overall place (and has been for years) to find prices for stuff.

IF it helps, I prefer:

Pentium 4 800MHz bus chips.

Tyan motherboards for dual setups, but Asus or Soyo boards for singles (though all are expensive).

Lian-Li or Addtronics cases.

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I am sorry Guys for lack of information

Let me explin i have few computers home i just want motheboard ,processor and case , i have so much junk here ,will be just for home sometimes i watch a movie here and there ,no games.

i dont know how much i want to spend i figure around 100.00 to 200.00 can i get anything with that ???

Thanks a lot
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So you're planning on using older parts from other machines in this new assembly?

That will AND will not work. Older RAM, for instance, won't work on newer boards. HDD's, CD drives, etc should.

For $200, you should be able to get a Celeron mobo and chip set and a case (do you also need a power supply?). Make sure you get a powerful enough PS, though.

As Tae said, check

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Hi, I just built a "new" computer for me. I have the same idea as you, using as much old parts as possible. I looked up some factory end of line store and Tigerdirect. In order to use old RAM (i.e. SDRAM) and some ISA expansion cards, my first idea was to look for a mother board with ISA+PCI slots and cpu combo. For around C$100.00 + 15% tax I can get a Soyo motherboard with 1 ISA slot, built in video and sound and a AMD Athlon 1G and a cpu fan! Not bad, all I am supplying is my old RAM, old SCCSI HDs with ISA controller, CD burner, PCI sound card, PCI modem. After finally weighing all my future needs and the kind of programs I will use, I end up with AMD XP 2500+ cpu with fan, Chaintech motherboard with built in sound, lan, video (plus an 8X AGP port for future expansion) and 512 MB DDR. I put them in my old ATX case with old CD burner, old floppy (ten years) but a new HD (I bought this for my old system, but was too greedy that I bought an 80 GB HD which the old BIOS was not supporting, a hind sight on my part!) If I factor in the HD, I spent about C$400 plus tax!

There is a good solution for you: Tigerdirect has a motherboard with a built-in AMD Duron over-clocked to 2200 for less than C$100.00 with built-in video, sound and LAN. Go check it out. You'll like this.


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