Making a retractable USB Cable?


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Making a retractable VGA Cable?

Hey all..
I work at an educational institution where we have a VGA and mini 1/8" Cable for a laptop hookup in each classroom at the podium. In bad design, the cables each come through a est. 1/4" hole, that can be pulled out about 6'. The problem is, when the user is done with the cables, they have to snake the cable back through the hole. The problem is, 99.9% of the time, they just leave the cables dangling on the floor to be stepped on. Does anyone have any suggestions for building or buying a retractable device somewhat akin to a vacuum cleaner AC plug? I'd like to be able to pull out the cords, and when done, let them retract automatically into the hole. I hope I've explained my situation clearly enough. Any advice would be more than appreciated. Thanks in advance,


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Well, you could buy retractable USB cables, but I'm not sure you'll necessarily find one in a configuration that will work. Also, the cost could be prohibitive. Here's a sample:,EWBOVERPI.

This one's a little shorter, but cheaper:

Unfortunately any retraction device you put on the existing cable, such as a simple weight attached to the cord inside/under the podium, will also cause a constant tension/strain on the cord.
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It might be worthwhile to install a USB jack on the wall and have a peg to hang a cable from while not in use.
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I would just buy a cheap cord reel and change the cord or add the cord:

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