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Angry back to windows 98 se

i have had nothing but trouble with XP. I have downloaded windows 98 se with CD key. What is the proper method of installing it as it does not have automatic run when disc is inserted. The store that upgraded it to XP took the old 98. That was in another city
Thanks in advance...
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Well, first of all, if you downloaded Win98SE with a CD key - it's an illegal copy and you should not install it.

Secondly, the whole reason you are having problems with XP is probably because whoever installed XP for you only upgraded the OS and didn't reformat and do a complete install for you - so you have residual info from 98SE still messing up your computer.

Thirdly, if you insist on installing 98SE (and illegal one at that), you will need a Boot disk to do so.

I highly recommend that you make copies of anything you want to keep (to CD or floppy or another computer, etc.) and just do a reformat and install on your own. It's much easier than trying to install (and deal with) 98SE.

If you're not sure you can do it yourself, take it to a computer specialist and have them do it for you.

Good luck!
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You may also be having trouble because your computer may not be able to handle Windows XP. What are the memory and processor specifications of your PC?

As for the original Windows 98 install CD you have. Those should have been returned to you. If your Windows XP CDs are an upgrade set then you need your Windows 98SE CDs as part of your proof that you have a legal OS. Your OS is only legal if you have the proper earlier version of Windows.

I'm not sure who installed Windows 98 on your system, but a reputable shop would have verified that your system meets the minimum required for XP, and they would have returned your Windows 98 CDs with the system. Finally, they would have installed Windows XP as a clean install, not on top of Windows 98.

My advice is one of two things. If your computer meets the minimum required specs for Windows XP then I recommend that you do a complete and fresh install of Windows XP, by reformatting your hard drive and starting from scratch. If, however, your computer does not meet the specs for Windows XP then I recommend going back to Windows 98SE. Your other choices are to upgrade or replace your PC with a new one.
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When an upgrade from 98 to XP is done, all will be installed fresh if the disk is formatted in NTFS from the old FAT 32 and the desire to try to keep old programs is resisted. If the vendor kept the old copy of 98, shame on him. It was not his to keep.

You might be best off to perform an in situ reinstallation of XP with a format to NTFS to get rid of the remnants of 98.

This thing you downloaded is not only illegal, but highly suspect on its face. Just buy a copy of 98 over ebay with the COA to have a legitimate (as possible) copy of 98. There are several listed for around $30.
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thanks guys...
will go the ebay way and try to get another copy (legal ?) of 98.
my system has 286 SDRAM...i recently added to it to get there...
I understand XP uses at least 128....

like the quote chfite

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Check with a computer dealer that sells refurbished computers
ask how much he'll charge for a reformat It's really simple to do
can't understand why your having trouble with windows xp
Too small a computer or something?Oh well even windows xp
you can opt to get everything viewed same way has windows 98/SE
you can switch to classic view In control panel some prefer that!
still windows xp thou

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