Website Host, design and Optimization

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Website Host, design and Optimization

Thank you WORLD BUILDER for all your efforts to help us all.

My wife wants to start her own webpage, with no knowledge of designs, language etc.
She wants to sell her items on the net and I need a source for hosting, web design and help with optimization of it?
Any one got any sources for me to go see or suggest a better way to get started?
I see alot use Front Page but also alot gets a host, regsiters the name and builds from there designs, but I see alot of them are really not that good of templates....
Any help? Thank you
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for a basic beginner, i would recommend yahoo Small Business:
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Thank you

Thank you. I have been looking and they have a web site builder there.
I was going to buy front page but do you think I even need it with yahoo?
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I would stay away from front page.
There are better ones on the market.
Get a html web designer.
As for selling you will need a catalog to put your items for sale
and a shoping cart.
Check yahoo small businees site for more detail on setting your shop.
they have hosting to


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No problem at all.

I would NOT use FrontPage. Ever. It is a terrible editor and will fill your page with extraneous, unnecessary HTML code that is oftentimes only IE compatible. IF you are going to use an editor, use HomeSite 5 or DreamWeaver from Macromedia.

However, I would very much suggest getting a professional to build the site for you to start. THEN, slowly learn HTML yourself and at some point you can take over.

Building a website, especially a simple one is not very expensive. Really.

Secondly, I have used and like Lunarpages as a webhost. They are extremely attentive, well-priced, and the support is nothing short of spectacular. I'm not easily impressed, and they impress me.

I'm still looking over your site (the pottery one). Is this site the same as the one your wife wants, or does she want something completely different and seperate?

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Wife wants simliar but alot different... She has alot of items that would not fit into this site, but some items would. Hope that dont confuse you.
The site I had you look at is terrible. templates suck, they info is terrible, there help never answers any questions the right way, the email I have is buried WAY down pop ups. Since I have them already, can I transfer that site without having to pay them and make changes I need to to accomadate my wifes items too? or since I signed up with them I have to pay them the 7.00 a month even if I transfer to say yahoo small business.
Chris, I am learning new stuff daily. Alot thanks to you and your points to the right source and direction and others that always seem to want to help.
I DO appreciate all you and everyones else's help very very much. Hey, my dad told me in the early to mid 80's to learn computers, and yep I didn't listen.
But I have learned alot and will use it.
THANKS !!!!!

ohh, yes dreamweaver is what I looked over last night and was were I was headed but wouldnt buy it until I got home tonight and read new post.
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I would say go with HomeSite 5 - it's very similar to DreamWeaver, but I believe it's cheaper? Not sure, my wife gets both through work and school, so I didn't have to pay for either

I like DreamWeaver myself, but she likes HomeSite 5. I haven't used it much, but it's very user friendly and easy to understand.

As for the development and hosting - I'm with the other guys, use a template system like Yahoo SB or any of the other thousand out there. Building and promoting a website is a long, hard, tiresome practice. It takes a lot of money and time, and it's takes a long time to pay off. Using a site like Yahoo, you can get up and running, literrally, as quick as you can put some content in. You don't have to worry about optimization (as much), like you do with your own site. You don't have to worry about downtime (as much), like you do with your own site. Plus, you can still have your own domain name.

I highly recommend going with a package solution, at least as a start. Until you get some recognition on the net. Then you can buy another domain name and bring it all together. The sooner you can get away from Yahoo, the better too.

Good luck!

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