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Seems like I always pick up a lot of spyware
then I run ad-aware to get rid of it
Well this ever stop..will the day ever come
when spy ware isn't allowed.Like I see that every site a person goes to
you pick up stuff that needs to deleted later
The point I want to make is It's a waste of time to me?
I would like to see a perfect computer!some day!
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Exclamation The Issue Of Spyware

Hello; las

In some cases, not necessarily in this instance, as it pertains to your computer, what appears to be or seems to be spyware is not really spyware.

This subject of spyware is highly missunderstood and or confused with cookies, etc and or some other software, etc which is not really, in fact, actually spyware. And the question usually gets out off topic.

Unless there is some high priority level of information on that computer and a need for security on your computer other than he usual home based computer, in my opinon, there is no logical reason for anyone to want to deliberately and or intentionally or have some motive and or reason to waste their skills and talents to install spyware on the computer. Likely hood is the condition which appears to be spyware is not such.

In any event, remove any or all that is or appears to be spyware, install a firewall and be done with it. A firewall set up correctly and operating correctly and at all times is the best method. Also the best investment any private individual on a home or business computer can install to prevent and block any type of spyware from being installed on a computer.

Not likely spyware.

Far too many questions being posted on the subject of spyware.

The matter needs to be addressed in a thread in full and complete details in laymens terms by the current professional moderators in this forum. Doing so would than promote a better understanding of what spyware really is, how it works and how to determine if such really exists on a computer.

If spyware does exist on a computer, than our professional moderators also need to include specific and complete details on the methods required to remove such.

Web Site Host & Forums Monitor
Not relevent to this specifc posted question nor the member.
As a side note but relevent to the topic of spyware:

Anyone whom suspects, mentions and or implies this web site installs spyware is wrong.

Or anyone mentions, claims or implies, any type of tracking software that is not commonly used protocal by any web site is totally incorrect and the issue is false.

Anyone whom implies this web site does install any such without positive proof and or evidence of such, is subjected to suspension from web site usage.

This web site has had enough posts on this issue of spyware and far too many invalid claims made against this web site using spyware and or tracking software as a result of posts made regarding spyware and such.

Sharp Advice.
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Robert Horning.
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What folks call spyware can also be just ads and other tracking cookies. You pick these up on the internet with Microsoft Windows, some browsers are more targeted by the writers of this affliction than are other browsers. The best approach is to simply run a sweeper program such as Ad-Aware to clean this up at the end of your session.

Other than causing some concern for security, this baggage actually will slow your system as it accumulates. Periodically, you need to clean house. A spyware sweeper program will do this for you.

Many sites set cookies for various purposes. For the most part, these are harmless. They enable you to log in to a site without having to enter your user name and password each time, set up the site to show your preferences, keep track of the last time you were there to keep feeding fresh content, to help track how many times a browser returns to a site, and so on.

I get cookies set under Linux, but not the spyware. For the most part, spyware is specific to Windows operating system computers. Some browsers such as Opera and Firefox seem to attract less spyware than does Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

When will the computer and internet be perfect? It was, but we won't likely return to the days of 300 baud modems and $.05 per minute connect charges. With the continuing popularity and usefulness of the internet, we will have to contend with all the other facets of such connectivity. We have a great telephone system, and it is plagued by telemarketers. Junk mail in the mail box at the street. Flyers in the newspaper. Pamphlets under the wiper blade at the mall. Pretty much the same for all media.

Hope this helps.
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Default settings

It would be nice if lets say there was a default setting that a person could opt for that would automatically check for viruses spyware and get rid of!
What I'm trying to say is there shouldn't be so darn many settings on a computer..and if there is a lot of settings then there should be one default setting that would do everything at once..only thing is one would have to accept the default settings then?This would make it so much easier on
everyone especially those who sell computers
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This could only happen in a "perfect world" where no other knowledge could be learned to make things better. As this is not a perfect world and things are being continually upgraded to make things better and easier for us. Even though things may be unpleasant and annoying (such as all these questions about spyware) they must be worked through until such time this is a "perfect world".
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Thumbs down Default Settings

Default settings, on some operating systems, can be set to accept and reject cookies. That location is in the operating system folders under the heading (title) of cookies.

Usually three selections to make by simply moving the dot into the prefered selection. Newer operatings systems and or those other than windows may have settings elsewhere or not at all.

Problem with settings it creates, on some operating systems, is constant pop up windows requesting allowance or rejection of a cookies or whatever the case may be that is to be blocked or accepted. A real annoyance and interruption (to some users) when clicking to change web pages or web sites.

Cookies and tracking softwares are not going to go away. Nor will they be totally eliminated by web sites nor software. They are, as chfite accurately noted, just like "Junk Mail."

And or spam emails. Everyone sooner or later gets spam emails. Advertisements and or fliers and the like found on car windshields, door knobs and or in home mailboxes, etc. Never going to stop any activity like them. A fact of life that has to be dealt with in a rational manner.

Forget making computer default settings. Waste of time and energy. Or wishing for operating systems to do the work. Or web sites not to use cookies and/or tracking software. Not going to happen.

Best method:
Buy, install and kep updated a high quality firewall. Correctly set it up, spyware and or tracking software, privacy concerns, etc. will no longer be an issue. Problem and condition resolved, once and for all.

I doubt any acknowledgement of using or trying a firewall is to be made. Thus, IMO, further replies not likely to be needed by anyone.
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Have you tried Webroot's <a href="http://www.webroot.com/wb/products/spysweeper/index.php?rc=1655">SpyWare Sweeper</a>?

I've been using it for a few months and it works very well - it catches some of the spyware/adware that AdAware and SpyBot didn't get, plus it runs in the background to actively keep spyware and adware off your computer (it monitors your startup programs, and other system activities, as well as monitoring IE and changes made to it.)

There is a yearly subscription (like everything) - but it's only $30/year.

I liked it so much I subscribed (which is unusual for me.)

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Too many other bills to pay

If I subscribe to that then I can't pay my photohost?
Not right now
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You can still download it and try it out - I've had it for several months and haven't subscribed, yet it still stays updated and very rarely annoys me for subscription.

The only reason I subscribed is because I like it so much.

The worst that can happen is that it stops updating, give it a try.
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Spybot includes a utility to warn you of attempts to download spyware to your computer (in real time), and it's free, of course. You merely have to turn the function on.

I can't comment as to it's usefulness however, as I don't use it. I prefer to run as few resource-stealing programs as possible.

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