is there a small software internet untility that would

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is there a small software internet untility that would

automatically bring up internet explorer and then search for a particular address, then when found minimize the window or minimize it in a minimized window, and start over and repeat the process?

I have about 20 items that I enjoy following on e-bay and I would like to be able to automatically start a macro from the toolbar that would set in place automatically a set of events that would one after another in the background, search these individual ebay addresses, and bring up the individual item pages in a minimized window sort of like a favorites list or even display them like a camedia slide show, one after the other with a simple 'click'. no big deal, just thinking out loud for a time-saver.

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eBay has a notification process that sends a link through your e-mail that maintains a current link to the status of items on the auction site. When the link is clicked, a page opens to show such items and their status.

There is an optional tracker for that works in Firefox. Maybe such a thing exists for Internet Explorer.

Hope this helps.
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I couldn't do this myself, but

if you know anyone who works with web pages or design...maybe they could create a HTML file that would do this for you. I'm thinking maybe double click it to run and then it would pull up the links for you and do what yopu want. I don't think it would be too complicated, but I don't know web programming either!

Hope this helps!
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What about using tabbed browsing in Mozilla? You'd just need an ebay bookmark folder. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, you can get add-ons for IE that will do tabbed browsing.
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Application? Macro?

Part A (loading pages to the taskbar using explorer) is simple with a batch command:

for %%p in ("" "") do start /m iexplore "http:\\www.%%p"

If your needs are small a one liner will do.

Part B (an embbed page search) is substantially more difficult with a batch file. It's not if you know the absolute url. Simply plug it in.

Part C (cascading windows) is not easy with a batch file but it's simple enough with a couple of mouse clicks on the taskbar.

For more intense needs and a self terminating batch file:

========== Cut & paste below into Notepad

@echo off
Goto %1 Peekurl

Call %0 Getpage "http:\\"
Call %0 Getpage "http:\\"

Rem add lines here.
Rem form: Call %0 Getpage "any valid url"
Rem clip absolute url after a manual search,
Rem & paste within, to goto that page.
Rem pages are loaded in order (first line to last line)

for %%p in (goto cls exit) do %%p End

Start /m iexplore.exe %2

============ stop at the blank line above

If the above fails add the full path to iexplore.exe.
Form: c:\folder\sublfolder\iexplore.exe

To do so:
>Start >Run enter: cmd or command (depending on the Windows version)
c: {Press Enter}
cd\ {Press Enter}
attrib iexplore.exe /s {Press Enter}
{copy the full path - substitute the full path for iexplore above}
exit {Press Enter}

If you don't want to see the batch file on screen when it runs:
1. Copy the above to a convenient location using Notepad.
2. Name it peekurl.bat - a must - else change the label name peekurl to the name of the batch file
3. Create a shortcut to it.
4. Minimize the batch file under "Program".

The above batch file does not stop, pause, or wait, until it has completed. It does not check to see if you're online or not. You should be, before using it.

If you add an excessive anount of Call %0... lines you will run out of memory. The batch file relies on Windows to handle out of memory and other errors.

There are no registry entires for the batch file. A registry entry is created for the shortcut. To "unistall" - delete it and its shortcut.
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I know you're not enamored with manually editing a batch file; so this is how to have it your way, with a one time setup:

The usual location of internet shortcuts "Favorites" is C:\WINDOWS\FAVORI~1

Create a folder within C:\WINDOWS\FAVORI~1 named TrackMe. The name TrackMe, or whatever, cannot pre-exist. Keep it short.

Any url (Internet Shortcut) can be added to this folder easily with Explorer open. Drag the explorer icon in the address bar to this folder. Do not add pages to this folder unless you want them loaded by the batch file.

If you create a folder other than TrackMe or "Favorites" is located somewhere other than C:\WINDOWS edit line four below to reflect the changes.

Place this batch file in a convenient location, such as C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP. It will start all files (internet shortcuts) placed in C:\WINDOWS\FAVORI~1\TrackMe

Again: you should be online before using this batch file.


@echo off
Goto %1 Peekurl

Rem - the following is one line - even tho it's wrapped in this display
Rem Getpage %%p is the end of line.

for %%p in ("C:\WINDOWS\FAVO2RI~1\TrackMe\*.*") do call %0
Getpage %%p

For %%p in (goto cls exit) do %%p End
start /m %2


Because it's cumbersome to use the batch file on the desktop with Explorer open create an internet shortcut that will in turn start the batch file.

It's simple:
Open Notepad. Input:


Save the file as: C:\WINDOWS\FAVORI~1\Trackurls.url

Use the location of "Favorites" on your machine.

When you want to start the batch file from within explorer click on Trackurls in Favorites.

How fast or slow the process depends on your machine.

To undo things delete the files and folder.

My nickels worth.

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