My problem and how I fixed it!


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My problem and how I fixed it!

What I did

I bought a WD IDE ATA/100 200GIG drive and I was having the following problems. I knew that my motherboard was compatible with drives over 137GIG. I had flashed the bios to 2003 and seen 48bit was enabled automatically. Originally, my 2002 bios had it enabled as well. I installed Win2000Pro, installed SP4, and installed the registry key required to enable the 48bit addressing for the OS. Yet, even after a restart, Win2000 could not show the full capacity of the drive. And I tried other things and failed. A while back I created a ghost partition of my old drive. Perfect and clean, with OS updates and other essential programs. So I thought, well lets try ghosting over to the new drive.

I used Norton Ghost to ghost over to the new drive, when I did, it saw that I now had a larger hard drive. (190GIG to be exact) It asked if I wanted to use the full capacity of the drive. I said yes. After waiting 10 minutes for it to complete. I restarted, and the OS loaded and I looked in “My computer” and saw it showed 186 Capacity with 178 available. I had not even installed the registry key yet! My guess was that one of those updates I downloaded, before creating the ghost image, must of came with a 48bit addressing patch. I still to this day, am not sure. But what I did know was that I now had full access to my drive.

Maybe this procedure will help you install your new hard drive if you cannot do it using the normal procedure. This should work with any drive from 160GIG and up. Mine was a 200GIG.

Ghost Creation Instructions.
*First backup any information and data you want to save onto a CDR’s.
*Format your hard drive and install your preferred OS.
*Download all the updates for your OS from windows update.
*Install essential programs such as USB drivers, video card drivers, sound drivers, etc.
*Install Norton System works. Download threw live update to update the program to the latest fixes and virus definitions.
*Run Norton Ghost and create an image of your hard drive, then burn onto CDR’s.
*You are now ready to use your Norton Ghost disks to ghost an image to a hard drive.

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Good information, and thanks for sharing. So why not post it in computers, where people will find it?
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Term, you were lucky. People should follow the manufactures instructions step by step, in the order they are given, and they should have no problem to begin with.
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Well, you see I did. But I think I was missing something some where when I was doing it. But because I felt I ran out of options, tried this. And believe me it worked. Plus I am glad. Because setting up a system from scratch takes long time because of all the updates you have to install and everything. My ghost image I created before the damaged hard drive. Had the OS, all updates, esential programs and USB drivers already isntalled. So all I had to do after ghosting over to the new drive, was install my games. So, in a way, I guess you could both ways, but this worked for me, and may work others if the normal way does not.
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