Overhaul '95 Packard Bell

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Overhaul '95 Packard Bell


I would like to completely re-format an old Packard Bell PC. Which operating system would you recommend to get the best performance out of this old computer? Also, any suggestions on video/audio drivers?


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One that old would be able to run Windows 95 or Mandrake Linux 9.1. In order to get drivers and such for Windows 95, you will need to research the components in the computer, then search for them. If suited, it may be able to run Windows 98. Information about processor, RAM, hard drive size and such will help with more accurate recommendations.

Hope this helps.
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For a computer manufactured in 1995 you may be able to run Windows 98 on it. I wouldn't bother trying to go any further than that. (Windows MyEnemy isn't worth consideration on any PC and a PC of this vintage certainly cannot handle anything newer.
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I doubt you'll be able to load anything above 98 on it, but as Chris said, pretty much any version of linux will also be fine.

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As was mentioned, finding drivers will be a bear on this machine, ESPECIALLY since Packard Bell isn't around anymore (at least I don't think they are). Also, Windows 95 was particularly aggravating with driver installation, so it can be a painful process once you do find drivers.

Before you begin, go into the Device Manager and gather as much info as you can regarding your hardware components. In particular, make sure you know what kind of video adapter you have, what the sound card is, and what kind of modem is in it (if you plan on getting online with this dinosaur, which I would *not* recommend ).

You may be able to do Windows 98. If so, go to 98 Second Edition, not the original 98, as there is still decent hardware compatibility to it.

If this machine is less than a P166 or so, I'd stick with 95 (actually, I probably wouldn't bother, as the time/effort isn't worth what you get, IMHO).

If it's at least a 166 (MMX preferably), Windows 98SE should do fine, as long as there's say, 64MB of RAM or more (some will say 32MB RAM is OK for 98, but my experience says that's inadequate).

I doubt any Packard Bell is new enough to be worthy of Windows 2000, and certainly XP would be an insane choice. I wouldn't put ME on ANYTHING I cared about (I've "downgraded" from ME to 98SE before).

Post as much detail as you can of the system (Processor, RAM, Hard Drive size, etc) and we can give you a more informed recommendation.

In my opinion, 98SE is the most stable Pre W2K OS.

EDIT: From your post, its unclear whether the machine is from 1995, or whether it had Windows 95 on it. This post assumes that the machine currently has Win95.

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