Cannot acess Internet through router, but can in modem.

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Unhappy Cannot acess Internet through router, but can in modem.

The computer with the problem is a: Dell with windows xp, pentium 4 procecor 2.0 gh, and 512 ram.

One abriviation to know:

POL= Play On-Line. It is a game windows software that is used to play Final Fantasy XI and other games on-line.

OK, first, if I state any of this wrong, sorry. It is not my computer that has the bug in it. So I will try my best right now to expalin the problem.

basically the first computer cannot acess internet explorer through the router (actiontec gateway router), but it will work through the modem (broadband blaster 8012u modem,). The second computer on the network works fine. They share a DSL line through AOL as the internet service provider.

The POL works through the modem and not the router. Nor does the Internet Explorer. The computer hard-drive was re-formated and all the files were restored to how they origianly were. This is when the error started. They were able to enter the game before the re-format happened but not after.

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I assume that you have installed all

the device drivers and windows sees the network card through the control panel. I also assume that you've run internet explorer setup wizard and have selected your the network connection?? Can you connect to the router's IP address (ex mine is from the bad computer?? (Check the manual for the router) If you don't have a manual then you should be able to download one from the internet. You should see some type of logon or status screen. This will verify the network is working.

Basically, make sure that your network is properly working, then make sure that the computer is setup according to the router's manual. Then configure internet explorer. At this point, you'll probably find that POL is working.
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So far, from what I have been told. The network Connections and setings are the same as they were before and the IP addresses are not changed and should be link-able. Also Interent Explorer and Directx have just been updated to current versions, as well as all other files (Core files, not including all the extra things like extra games, music, documents) they had are the same as before they had to re-format there computer.
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Same question as before,

is the networking card's device drivers installed? Does windows properly see the network card from the Device Manager?? Can the bad computer connect to the router's IP address?

How does the modem connect to the computers? Is it a USB port modem or is it a Ethernet connection? How is the internet connection shared...through the router/gateway or through Internet Connection Sharing?

Is it modem to WAN port of Gateway/router, then the computers plug into the gateway (three cables on gateway)? Or is it modem>>computer>>>router/gateway>>>computer (only 2 cables on gateway)? This will make a difference in how the computer accesses the internet.

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from the game help:
Using a Router:
PlayOnline (including all related software such as FINAL FANTASY XI) may use any of the following ports. If you are using a router, please configure it to allow packets to pass through these ports.

+ Port numbers that may be used by the PlayOnline server group:
-TCP 25, 80, 110, 443 or 50000 - 65535
-UDP 50000 - 65535

* You may need to set up a web browser for your PC. For more information, please refer to the appropriate vendor's instruction manual.

* Your router may require that you use a PC to configure your network settings. For more information about how to configure your network settings, please refer to the instruction manual that came with your router or contact the manufacturer directly.

* If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) specifies a DNS server, you may need to configure your settings to allow packets to pass through UDP Port 53 as well.

For more information, please refer to the instruction manual for your router or the information provided by your ISP

of course, it needs to be configured properly for the internet first. you need to make sure that windows shows 2 connections, whether gateway,internet, local, or whatever, there should be two of them.
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This sounds so simplistic BUT sometimes my router acts up and I cant get on the net. So I just unplug the router for about 10 secs along with the modem and then power it back up. Once i turn it back on wait a few more secs and then Im ok. If it still wont connect, Ive found that I have to click on a link repeatedly. First I get the "page could not be found" messasge but after 2 or 3 trys it works.
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Rose Kindred
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Thanks for the help. New Problem

Well, they got fed up with the Dell Computer, Infact so fed up they bought a new machine from Best Buy. The router still does not work. So here is the tally in how old the computers are, First computer, Does Not Work, Secound Computer Does. Third new computer, does not work.

The AOL router people say its the actual router problem, and to call them up. The Router people say its AOL fault and call there Tech support.
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And people wonder why AOL has a bad reputation, and why people in the know recommend against it.

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