I need a Microsoft Word Multiple choice test template!


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Exclamation I need a Microsoft Word Multiple choice test template!

I am looking for a Microsoft Word Multiple choice bubble test template something like the following would be great..

Questions 1-50

Shade in area for multiple choice A B C D

as many coloms of Questions 1-50 that can fit on one page
1) A B C D 1) A B C D 1) A B C D 1) A B C D 1) A B C D

2) A B C D 2) A B C D 2) A B C D 2) A B C D 2) A B C D

3) A B C D 3) A B C D 3) A B C D 3) A B C D 3) A B C D

All the way up to 50

any help would be appreciated
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why not just make one for yourself?... using the template format?
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I'm not sure how to get around Word very well
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Making the document

Open Word, then when a blank document opens click on TABLE in the top row of links. Choose INSERT, then TABLE. When the dialog box opens up, set it to one row, one column. This will give you two columns, and you can set up 25 ABCD's in one side, and then 25 in the other column.

To have it automatically number them for you, simply start at the beginning of the first column and type '1.' without the quotation marks. Then type A, space, B, space, C, space, D. When you hit the return key, it will then indent the 1 with the ABCD after it and start the next line with 2.

Now, highlight the ABCD that you did for number 1 (left click on mouse, hold and drag from A to D). Then either right click on the highlighted area and choose COPY, or simply press the control key plus the C key at the same time. Now, click next to the 2. and either right click the mouse and choose PASTE or simply press the control key plus the V key at the same time. The latter is easier, especially since we need to do this 24 times. After you've pasted it, then hit the enter key. This will create 3. and the cursor will be in the correct spot for you to just hit the Control + V keys again. Continue this until you have 25 done.

Now highlight all 25 of these, hit Control and C at the same time or right click and choose COPY. Click in the blank area in the next column. Now you can hit Control + V and it will paste 25 more ABCD's, but with the correct numbering in front of them.

Next, you will need to double space them. This can be accomplished by highlighting the entire table. To do this, notice the box with the arrows pointing in four directions. This is the move box (you can also use this box to move the table down further if you need to type text above the ABCD's). Click that box of arrows, and the entire table should be highlighted (black). Now go to FORMAT in that top row of links, and then choose paragraph. In the dialog box that opens, look for SPACING. Set this to double space and you're through. Save it, and you will have your sheet to print out in the future as well!

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Kay!

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