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Question Nero Help

Hi All:

I recently reformatted by computer. I have a version of Nero 5.5 (which I know is not the latest version.) I have a cd-rom drive which needs replacing, so I have it unplugged for the time being and I use my dvd-rom drive for burning etc... When I start up Nero, it's telling me I've chosen the wrong recorder. Should I plug up my cd-rom drive even though it isn't working right, or any other ideas? I used my dvd-rom drive for burning music and data before I re-formatted with no problem. (Also, Nero put a bunch of IDX files on my puter which I can't seem to get rid of. I've just dumped them all in a folder and labeled it Nero Junk Any idea of how I can get rid of all of those, I don't think I ever had that happen before.)

Thanks Yall,
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We need to clear some things up as your post is a bit confusing. First, you cannot burn CD's with a DVD Rom drive, nor can you burn them with a CD-Rom drive. You need either a CDRW or DVDRW drive to burn your own disks. Which of your drives is a recorder? You should be able to look at the front panel of the drive and it will tell you.
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If you have a copy of Nero that was packaged with your old drive it will not work with another drive. They have it set to work with the drive the software was packaged with and no others.

There are some places on the web with methods to get around that but you will have to do some searching.

I hope this helps if I understand your question.
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the idx files are the indexing/database files that nero creates when you burn to a CD. They can be deleted. They store info on what was burned onto the CD but aren't necessary to keep. you may need to be sure there is no instance of nero running to be able to delete them. starting in safemode may allow you to get them out of there.

you can download the manuals for 5.5 here:

You can display the recorders installed on your computer and choose the
recorder you want to use by going to Choose Recorder in the Recorder menu.
This window also displays information about the recorder selected.
Normally at least two recorders will be displayed; the installed device and the
virtual Image Recorder.

check out chapter 12 from the english manual here:

it explains the autodetect feature.

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